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A Tripod in the Desert!

May 4

In Gear, In The Field, Jobs at 4:41am

I’m a perennial idea recycler. I’ve had picture notions rattling around in my head for years that have never met the click of a shutter. They’re the things in the attic of my head that go bump in …

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 12.22.18 PM


Apr 30

In Questions at 5:38am

I do get lots of questions, via the blog, via email, FB etc. I’m at best a scattershot responder, trying my best to fire back an answer in some sort of timely fashion. That term “timely” is stretchable, in my …


A Lighting Build for a Boxer

Apr 27

In Lighting at 7:13am

We kind of all know where to put the light by now, at least mostly. Well, some of the time, anyway. Basic lighting info is all over the internet, some of it good, some of it bad or …


Apr 23

In history, Memories at 3:00pm


You  know you’ve been in the business a long time when startling, talented newcomers cause waves and news, and you photograph their sterling debuts. And then you see them retire.

So it is with Paloma Herrerra, who I photographed …

Goodbye, Danny…

Apr 20

In Friends, history at 5:36am

When I first arrived in NYC, nurturing faint hopes to become a photographer in the Big Apple, Danny Farrell was the dean of NYC press photography, a class act, and much respected. A shooter’s shooter, nobody was tougher when the …