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The Wedding Truck!

May 27

In News at 11:08am


I have photographed many weddings, grandiose and ornate, as well as small and simple. I’ve shot high-society nuptials in great halls, and shot backyard barbecue ‘n beer hitchings. I’ve shot ‘em for money, and done ‘em for free. I’ve shot them as a friend, as a journalist, and as the official, hired wedding photog. I’ve shot them wearing a tux, and wearing a photo vest.

Now, it appears, I will shoot them in the back of a truck.


When my friends Gene and Olivia got married at City Hall in NYC, it was a wonderful day, and an eye opener. So many people getting married! As I said on my blog about their wedding:

“Once inside, I found myself in an effervescent swirl of happy humanity, all of them there to simply declare their love of someone. This wasn’t atheist, or Christian, or Jewish, or Buddhist. It didn’t have a color, or a preference. It wasn’t about where you were from. It was about where you were about to go with the person you had just declared your love for.”

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 8.16.33 PM

Smitten by the wonder of that day, an idea took shape, at least a bit. How about we offer a wedding studio, for free, impromptu, to anyone who gets married at City Hall? Either going in with nervous smiles and laughter, or coming out, tumbling through the doors in the rush of love and excitement, there’s a photographer there, fully equipped, ready to make your wedding portrait.

Given the neighborhood of the marriage bureau, nestled in amongst virtually all of the government buildings of NYC, it’s impossible to commandeer a stretch of sidewalk to set up lights, camera and action. But what about a truck? Parked next to the doors of the wedding bureau? Fully staffed, with cameras, speed lights, backdrops? Hmmmm….

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 8.16.05 PM

Gracious thanks to Nikon USA for jumping on board with this notion. We will be there in full force on June 4th and June 5th, raring to go, and happy to shoot your official portrait of the best day of your life. So, if you’ve got your marriage certificate and have been hitched during the week of June 1 through 5, and want a beautiful portrait on a backdrop as a keepsake, the Wedding Truck is the place to come to. We will be waiting, with cameras, lenses and lights at the ready.

It’ll be a hoot of a couple of days, and so much fun to craft these portraits inside a 20′ box truck. I mean, I’ve done lots of different approaches for brides and grooms. My elegantly beautiful friend Rita wanted classic black and white.


My dear friends (and new parents!) Kent and Amy had a hoot of a day, and I went along with a camera.

tech 37

Mo and Tom were all smiles.


Bill and Chris played shadow games for the camera.

bp wedding0061Sept 2005

I’ve even worked in the water.


But never in a truck.

The truck will be in place on June 4 and June 5 outside of the Office of the City Clerk, near 141 Worth Street in New York City. The portrait sessions will be free of charge, provided on a first come-first serve basis. Couples will leave with their images so that they can be shared with their loved ones.

Want a cool wedding portrait? A beautiful keepsake of your special day? Come by the truck!

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A New Job for RC!

Jan 29

In News at 9:33am


News flash of late! RC Concepcion, the mad genius of the internet, the teller of tales, who speaks in a whole variety of internet/computers tongues, is now the Director of Content and Education at KelbyOne. I personally think that title is a little dry, in terms of encircling and describing the ebullient spirit of the man, his penchant for bubble baths, his abilities to turn a dinner napkin into a website, his knack for making impossibly convoluted stories both interesting and, at long last, coherent, and the sheer, explanatory brilliance of his ability to teach even the most arcane and remote aspects of the internet wilderness in down to earth terms.

Example…whilst teaching a bunch of admittedly older folks (think, well, me) he encounters a question. “What’s a website?” Hmmm. He explains: “Remember when you were a kid and you made photo albums with all the sticky corners and put your pictures in them? It’s like that. IN THE SKY!”

So, while, Director of Content and Education is explanatory, I think of his potential in more florid, exclamatory terms. Perhaps something like, Lord of the Pixels, or Overlord of the Digital Domain. But, they didn’t ask me. Suffice it to say he’s a good teacher. I can think of no higher praise.


The pic up top of course was a goof shot we did together as a class demo at our yearly extravaganza at Jade Mountain, Anse Chastenet in St. Lucia. RC has the wonderful good fortune to be married to Jenn, one of the most beautiful dancers I have ever worked with. Both good sports, they jumped into the tub while the class lit the room. They did however, draw the line at my idea of putting plastic bagged, gelled Speedlights in the bubbles with them:-)

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Last Week of the Show

Nov 17

In News, Thanks at 10:50am

It’s been a wonderfully heady six weeks for the studio, to have our work up on the walls of the Monroe Gallery in Santa Fe. The show was reviewed well in the prestigious journal of the photography gallery world, Photograph. And lots of people stopped by the gallery. It’s been a terrific experience, from the search through older files to scanning and printing images that had not ever been printed before. My heartfelt thanks go out to Sid and Michelle Monroe, who initiated the idea of the show, curated it, and saw it become reality on the walls of their beautiful gallery.  

We made the quick video above while we were there, just to remember the way the pictures felt on the walls, and to acquaint folks with the gallery. It also offers thanks to the Nikon Ambassador Program, and to the Epson Corp. for their help in creating the opportunity for the show. Huge thanks to Mike Corrado and Mark Suban at Nikon, and Reed Hecht and Dano Steinhardt over at Epson.

To commemorate the show, we made a series of keepsake 8×10 prints. Foot Selfie and Coolpix Selfie (below) are signed and available at the gallery for $100. (


Often times, as a long standing freelance photographer, you feel like you are standing in one very long storm. Uncertainty, adversity, and setbacks can rain down on you fast and hard, like the drumbeat of rain on a tin roof. Occasionally, there’s a break in the clouds, such as a wonderful assignment that allows you to shoulder the cameras once again and go into the world. Or it can be a big job, one of those things that come in the door here and there that gets you through the winter and pays some bills. Other times it might just the grace and blessing of a good frame that you like, no matter if anyone else notices. This show was one of those wonderful breaks in the clouds, a shelter from the storm and a reassurance that the occasionally odd, perpetually stressful endeavor of seeking pictures for thirty years has been worth it.

My thanks to all involved in the show, in particular everybody at our little studio, who pitched in mightily to make it happen. Special thanks to Lynda Peckham who oversaw the printing, and made everything happen on time.

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A Life of Laughter

Aug 12

In history, Memories, News at 8:03am

A bright light just went out. Robin Williams could speak faster than most of us can think. And when he spoke (often in tongues) we laughed, long, hard and well.

Only photographed him once. Typical of his irreverent whimsy, he walked onstage to rehearse wearing a “Forty F%&*$#&G Niners” t-shirt, and dared the assembled photogs to take his picture and put that in your “family f%$*(**&^%g newspaper.” Had to bring my timing to get a publishable snap.

We were all lucky to get anything sharp. He kept it lively, doing his routine, and riffing here and there. His pinball wizard brain kept us anywhere from chuckling to outright howling. I know I missed a bunch of pics just standing there, slack jawed at the pace of it, camera in my hands and not to my eye, giggling like an idiot. Old style chrome, EPT pushed one stop. Radio City Music Hall, 1982. Long time ago, and lots of laughter since then.

Thank you….Godspeed…..more tk…..


Adorama Meets Fashion Week

Feb 10

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Adorama, the camera store, took a plunge into the wild world of fashion this past week. Yowza.

Seems the store had a vacant space, big enough for a runway, chandeliers, and a press lounge, not to mention dozens of impossibly tall women wearing everything from sequins to feathers. In a city where there are lots of folks trying to make a statement, every day, nothing takes a back seat to Fashion Week, which explodes this time every year, colorful as a Carmen Miranda headdress. This year it’s been a refreshing splash of vibrance and life in the midst of a burg traumatized by a Polar Vortex, desperate for winter to be over, and so bored with waiting for a sliver of sunlight as to become heated over the way the new mayor eats pizza.

Getting the management of Adorama, whose sartorial tendencies favor black and white, on board with the wild and wooly nature of the fashionista crowd, was an interesting leap, indeed. My wife, Annie Cahill, who runs the Adorama Pro Department, is nothing if not fiercely determined, saw the possibilities of the empty space, and fashion folks who needed to display their wares, and made the match. It’s also been an opportunity for multiple communities to get together…..the photo folks, the fashion folks, and even the whole neighborhood of Chelsea. I tried to get a coffee at a local bistro I drop by every once in a while and forget it, the line was out the door. Busy, in a word. 

So, it’s been nothing short of fantastic! An otherwise vacant storefront on 17th St. is swirling with life, color and clothes that I guess some people wear, sometimes, quite likely well after I go to sleep. And of course, where there’s designers, gowns and models, there’s photographers. Lots of them. Some, admittedly, more professional than others, and some who look like they belong on the runway on the other side of the lens, but photogs galore, and pictures by the thousands.

I dropped by after straight after getting off a plane the other day, stupidly, without my DSLRs, and just an Iphone.(Which actually made me fit in quite well with all the other fancily dressed swells and assorted hangers-on.). And of course, my bud Peter Tsai snaps Numnuts here chimping on the damn smart phone. Sigh.

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