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Website Feedback..

Jul 21

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Hey guys- Drew here.  Just wanted to send a huge thank you for all the feedback, positive or otherwise on our brand spankin’ new website.  After several of us here in the studio spent literally months digging through the archive, scanning, re-scanning, editing, and designing the site, we’re VERY happy to finally have it up.

Just like our last website, we worked with Livebooks, and are certain that this is a huge improvement over the last iteration.  Looking back, it seems as though the previous site just barely scratched the surface, so we made a point to include a ton more from the archive and a bunch of cool stories this time around.  We plan to post a bunch more content in the “Special Projects” and “Selected Campaigns” sections, but needed to cut bait and actually get the site live, or it wouldn’t have ever happened…Speaking of which, if there’s anything in particular on the site that you want to see more of, or are still having any technical issues, please drop us a line at: [email protected], with the subject “Website Feedback”- and give as detailed of a description as you can.  We want to hear your thoughts, and read through every one that comes our way.

Very interesting to see all the comments revolving around our website’s use of Flash.  We work with Livebooks simply because without their amazing back-end edit suite, we’d almost never have the time to update our site.  The fact that they provide us with a super user-friendly, clean means of uploading, organizing and displaying imagery is priceless.  Sure, Flash gets knocked around quite a bit, and understandably to some extent, but we’ve come up with that we think is a very clean and simple website that we’re pleased to have representing the studio.

As for responsiveness of the site, some of you mentioned that the photos are a bit slow to load, and that comes down to our workflow here in the studio.  Being that the site is scalable, the images are inherently large.  Some load up very quickly, while others didn’t look suitable after being compressed, and therefore, ended up being a bit larger than we would have liked…not a whole lot we can do in that realm.

One major downside is the fact that it currently doesn’t have the same user experience on mobile devices- a lot of you have commented about this, and we’re very aware that it needs some work.  It’s definitely a tough issue to figure out, and is currently being resolved as we speak.  Livebooks is also in the midst of redesigning the mobile experience that they provide, and should be updated very soon.

Again, thanks for taking a look at the new site, hope you continue to enjoy the updates, and looking forward to hearing more of your thoughts.


New Website….LIVE!

Jul 18

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Every studio out there has multiple things going on at once, in the background. Shooting, editing, blogging, writing, organizing, printing–it’s pretty endless the stuff you do to keep your head above water since this thing called digital landed on the front doorstep. One of the things I tell any class I teach is that if you don’t have a website, an online repository of your work, you basically don’t exist as a photog. And it can’t just be a thrown together collection of stuff. You gotta think about it, design it, and make it user friendly. The average art director, or creative at an agency, has got, oh, about 2.5 seconds to finagle their way into your website and be struck enough to keep clicking. You gotta make it simple, approachable, and fast. And, by the way, you gotta have some good pix to back up all the dissolves, fades and type treatments.

Today, we are launching a new, updated website, in collaboration with Livebooks. Notice the royal “we” there. I’ve been on the road, and Drew back at the studio has been hammering this into shape, along with Mike Cali. Drew’s got good picture sense, and good design sense, and the results, hopefully speak for themselves. I invite you to cruise a bit, if you have, you know, hopefully more than 2.5 seconds.

A few very cool tidbits about the new site…

– There’s a ton more depth to the site than any previous iteration we’ve had- stories, lots of new photos, video content built-in, etc…and there’s a bunch more on the way.

– The site is now fully scalable, thanks to Livebooks’ new Scaler feature.

Add an Image

Take a look, and let us know what you think.

A huge thank you goes out to Matt Bailey, Ryan Mahar, Adam Royer, Dayle Hendrickson, and everyone else at Livebooks who helped us piece all of this together.

More tk…..

Advanced Lighting Techniques in the Islands!

Jun 20

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Not doing our Dobbs Ferry Workshops this year. Time to give that old building on the Hudson a rest for a bit, wonderful as it is. Instead, the only workshop our studio is doing this summer is once again in paradise. Hit this link for details, but here’s the schedule.  We start on Monday, August 15, and run for 5 days. Doing things differently this year in that we will bypass the basics and jump straight into using small flash in the most expressive of ways. We will try multiple flash techniques, play with exposure ranges, use gels and filters, shoot fire at night, do character portraits, flash and blur, hi speed sync. We take it to another level, in a place that has so many levels to offer in terms of inspiration. St. Lucia–one of the truly beautiful spots on earth.

Monday Program:

Morning Session: 9am. Class meets in air conditioned conference room equipped with digital projector. Morning is devoted to assessing participant  portfolios and determining objectives for the week. Each participant to bring no more than 10 images for review and discussion. They can be the participant’s images, or images not their own that they admire and wish to know more about, or emulate in some way.

Break from 12-3.

Afternoon session: 3pm. Instructor slide show. Demo of sensor cleaning techniques. Review of basic lighting strategies. Afternoon shooting session in teams with a model assigned to each team. Basic assignment: Use one light well.

Tuesday Program:

Meet in conference room at 9:30 for image review and critique. Time in class available to select and edit images for max of 3 per student to project.

Break from 12-3.

Afternoon demo and on location discussion of shooting interior/exterior environments effectively, with emphasis on using flash to balance exposure zones encountered in the open air rooms of Jade Mountain. Each team disperses with models to a selection of rooms to shoot for the afternoon. Assignment is to create mood and ambiance, while effectively using small flash techniques to blend interior and exterior environments.

Wednesday Program:

Meet in conference room at 9:30 for image review and critique. Time in class available to select and edit images for max of 3 per student to project.

Break from 12-3.

Afternoon Session: Instructor demo on blending flash with intense sun using advanced technique of high speed flash. Situation created to simulate wedding on the beach, and employment of techniques to successfully shoot a bride and groom in a fluid way as event unfolds. Teams assigned models, and rotate with various models, including wedding couple, for afternoon.

Alternative Location: Soufrieres Fire Department. Working to craft location driven, multiple flash portraits that show character and drama.

Bonus Evening Demo: Instructor will light and shoot a romantic dinner for two in terrace setting, showing selective flash techniques for couple at table, while blending sunset effectively. Use of gels, exposure techniques, grid spots, snoots.

Thursday Program:

Meet in conference room at 9:30 for image review and critique. Time in class available to select and edit images for max of 3 per student to project.

Break from 12-3.

Afternoon Session: Photography in the jungle. Panning and blurring techniques with flash and jungle bikers. Demonstration by instructor in the art of creating images that move. Also portrait techniques demonstrated in intense, beautiful jungle environment. Teams assigned models to shoot for afternoon. Each team will have access to an experienced biker.

Friday Program:

Meet in conference room at 9:30 for image review and critique. Time in class available to select and edit images for max of 3 per student to project.

Break from 12-4.

Final Afternoon session: Meet in class to for final Q&A session and review of techniques learned. Last session late on Friday, class gathers on beach for spectacular “flambo” sunset session, with fires on the beach, models and flash lighting with gels. This session will employ new “radio TTL” equipment from Pocket Wizard. Wrap up gear at dusk, and retire to beach bar for goodbye drink. (Or several.)

We will also be using a lot of the new Pocket Wizard TTL techniques and gear. Those units have really come together, and are perfect for work where you want to show lots of the environment in a sweeping way, and thus have to hide your flashes, out of line of sight.

It’s gonna be fun. More tk….

Stop by Tomorrow…..

Jan 24

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Got some news I’ll be posting…..


Nov 25

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My niece Michelle, many years ago…..more tk….