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Archive for March, 2008

A Couple of Daves

Mar 5

In Links, Thoughts at 12:24pm

I could have continued, and done, you know, Raves for a Couple of Daves, or, These Daves are Faves, or…..well, you get the drift.

Hubert HumphreyWhen I got into this business, my aims were pretty simple. I wanted to do some cool pictures, and make my pix decent enough to enjoy the respect of my peers. Pretty straightforward. I remember wangling a student credential to the 1976 Democratic National Convention in NYC, and getting in there in the limited way I could, with my Nikkormat and a couple of lenses. I was overawed, not by Carter-Mondale, or the convention itself (though Barbara Jordan was pretty cool) but by the shooters. These guys were pros. Big time. I didn’t know any of them of course, but I had heard of them. I couldn’t believe I was watching Wally McNamee and Danny Farrell work, for instance. Completely unflappable. Kept their eye in the damn camera while the whole world was crashing down and people were shouting and shoving and just in general gettin’ pretty wild eyed. (And this was not D3, auto focus, auto exposure, auto white balance, auto registration of your images with the Library of Congress, auto park the car and walk the dog territory. This was the days of the F, F2 if your paper was fancy, with lenses darker than Fanghorn Forest and focus rings so stiff you needed a crescent wrench to crank ’em.) Still, they would just shoot, and nail it.

DemonstratorsBy contrast, I would stand open mouthed at something going on, and then remember after it was too late I had a camera around my neck. Good old Mr. Nose for News.

Now, fast forward 30 plus years, and I’ve gotten to know a whole bunch of great shooters, and call them friends. I wrote a paper about Jay Maisel in school, for instance, and now I call him friend. (He calls me a bunch of different stuff, which is cool with me.) It’s one of those gifts continuing to endeavor in this field gives you, along with the knee surgeries, the nights alone in places by the side of the highway, and the continuing angst over when the next good frame will come your way, and how the hell you gonna pay next month’s (make it this month’s) Amex. But that is for blogs tk.

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Many Thanks, Milano

Mar 3

In Travels at 10:50am

I’ve got a bunch of people to thank. I just had a wonderful weekend here in Milan, Italy, being welcomed and warmly received. I had a show at the Foundation Bandera for the Arts in Busto, just outside of Milan, and I have never had my pictures displayed better. It was just wonderful. I mean, they wrapped couple of cars with pictures, which is way cool.

wrapped car(Gives me some marketing notions. Maybe I could get a cab medallion in NY? Forget the yellow cab deal. Wrap it in B&W nudes, and put a rotating portfolio on top with one of those electric displays? I probably couldn’t pass the test for my hack license, though. I don’t know the streets of Moscow well enough…)

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