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Scenes from a Scout

May 25

In In The Field at 5:38am


Scouting in Beijing, surely when taking a look at national monuments or important cultural sites, generally means walking—a lot. Cranked over seven miles yesterday. More tk today. Each step is valuable, even though I have been to each of these sites many times. You go back to look again, because you just never know. You relentlessly search for an edge for your client. Something different just might be out there that would complement the job at hand.

Along the way, at almost every step, there are wonderful diversions. No matter how many times I’ve been here, difference is everywhere, sustained and expressed by the boundless energy and omnipresence of humanity.

_JM38415 copy

It’s a good thing to like people on a job like this ‘cause there sure are a lot of them here in Beijing. It’s a city, at last rough count, of at least 20 million. Holy smoke. Just walking through the Forbidden City is like an extended, energetic bumper car ride.  Below, jockeying for a snap of the chair of the emperor.


The unabashed nature of so many people spontaneously singing, exercising, arguing, gambling, playing checkers, dancing or just acting out their own private little Idaho in some leafy corner of a park always produces an ongoing smile behind the camera. It’s frustrating, too, ‘cause I am often too slow to capture the quick and fluid nuance of it. I take solace that another moment is just around the corner.

_JM38458 copyc

More today. Scouting at the Olympic Park, which is the site of the famous Bird’s Nest Stadium and the Water Cube. Then comes a meeting, most likely a long one, to determine how to deploy resources, like cars, gear, ladders, boats, and the like. Tomorrow, 4am call. It’s a bear looking for good light at this time of the year here. You have to be like a light thief, slipping in undetected and purloining a few good slivers of the sun before it awakes like a giant in the sky and brings down an almighty sledgehammer of pulverizing heat and haze. For most of the day, at that point, it sits on your chest like a large, overheated dog, panting in your face, smiling and mocking your puny, desperate photographic aspirations.

_DSC8845 copy

If you wait it out, it will relent, just a bit, and become a more friendly participant in your wander. And, speaking of friendly, folks here are plum easygoing and gracious. Especially attractive, young Chinese females, who, for some odd reason I can’t completely fathom, find Jon a fascinating partner for snaps and selfies. Go figure:-)))


More tk.


Q&A: Volume Two

May 22

In Questions at 5:18am

1.  It seems like you’re always traveling.  Do you ever get some down time?  What do you like to do when you’re at home and you don’t have to work for a few days?  Does not working drive you …


Back to China

May 19

In In The Field, Jobs at 5:06am

Returning to Beijing this week, one of the more resolutely fascinating cities I have ever been to. Been there many times, though it is far too large, too energetic, and too rapidly tilting and shifting for me to …

Changing the light bulbs on the coke sign in Times Square

A Quick Lighting Build in Times Square

May 12

In Lighting at 12:17pm

Ah, the crossroads of the world, Times Square, New York City. Neon blares, thespians tread on venerably historic stages, with fashions, movies, and the cult of celebrity all shining brightly outside. It’s really the only place I’ve been …


Throwback Thursday

May 7

In history at 9:59am

Just visited my old haunts at ABC TV, where the gracious editors let me peruse some of my old pics, and offered me a few scans to have for my archive. I was a staff photographer there during …