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The Pink Tutu….

Oct 6

In In The Field at 9:33am


Really happy to have intersected last week with photog Bob Carey and his wonderful, heartfelt photo project, The Pink Tutu. Read more here….

Go Where the Light Already Is

Sep 29

In In The Field, Jobs, Lighting at 8:02am

The Kentucky Headhunters are an amazing, down home, rockin’ band. They’re also a helluva nice bunch of guys. Super talented. Grammy winners. A country rock institution. And, when you walk …


Trump and Biden-Two Magazines, Two Approaches….

Sep 24

In history, Memories at 5:13am

This is not a political blog, saints be praised. I talk about Group A, Channel 1, and stuff like that, not the results of the latest polls. But the life of a photographer is punctuated with encounters, large and small. …


Go To Light Shapers

Sep 15

In Gear, Lighting at 8:27am

I’ve been luckily associated with the folks at the Lastolite Company for a while now. I have learned a lot from Gary Astill, their chief designer and mad genius in …


Growing Up, Growing Old….

Sep 8

In Rambling, Seminars & Workshops at 7:13am

Photos courtesy of John Young

We all grow old, if we are fortunate. It’s a given, the aging process. We do not all grow up. That’s more of an optional condition.