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Apr 23

In history, Memories at 3:00pm


Paloma Tryptic_BLOG

You  know you’ve been in the business a long time when startling, talented newcomers cause waves and news, and you photograph their sterling debuts. And then you see them retire.

So it is with Paloma Herrerra, who I photographed years ago for a story in LIFE. She was then the “baby ballerina” of ABT, incredibly gifted, and young, and poised for greatness.

Below, a portrait, onstage at the Met.


Along with Paloma, Julie Kent is also retiring in the next month or so. I only had one chance to photograph her, below, with Marcelo Gomes.


Also exiting the stage is the vibrant and wonderful Xiomara Reyes, another principal with American Ballet Theater. Seasons of change in the world of dance in NY. Below, their pending departures are noted by the Washington Post and the New York Times.

It was a privilege to have photographed these amazing, talented dancers. Definitely, if possible, go to the ABT website and try to see them before they go.

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Goodbye, Danny…

Apr 20

In Friends, history at 5:36am

When I first arrived in NYC, nurturing faint hopes to become a photographer in the Big Apple, Danny Farrell was the dean of NYC press photography, a class act, and much respected. A shooter’s shooter, nobody was tougher when the …

The familiar remnants of a minor league basball game played on a

The Boys of Summer, or, Thank Goodness Winter’s Over….

Apr 12

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A Quick Thing About a Shadow

Apr 3

In Lighting at 6:23am

Taught last week at SVA, which was fun to do. Katrin Eismann has built a powerhouse program there for all manner of visual …

Broad Light, Narrow Light

Apr 1

In Lighting at 8:29am

From the same light shaper. When Gary Astill, the peerless designer at Lastolite and I were brainstorming, I mentioned the quality of light translating through a Lastolite Skylite panel