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A New Job for RC!

Jan 29

In News at 9:33am


News flash of late! RC Concepcion, the mad genius of the internet, the teller of tales, who speaks in a whole variety of internet/computers tongues, is now the Director of Content and Education at KelbyOne. I personally think that title is a little dry, in terms of encircling and describing the ebullient spirit of the man, his penchant for bubble baths, his abilities to turn a dinner napkin into a website, his knack for making impossibly convoluted stories both interesting and, at long last, coherent, and the sheer, explanatory brilliance of his ability to teach even the most arcane and remote aspects of the internet wilderness in down to earth terms.

Example…whilst teaching a bunch of admittedly older folks (think, well, me) he encounters a question. “What’s a website?” Hmmm. He explains: “Remember when you were a kid and you made photo albums with all the sticky corners and put your pictures in them? It’s like that. IN THE SKY!”

So, while, Director of Content and Education is explanatory, I think of his potential in more florid, exclamatory terms. Perhaps something like, Lord of the Pixels, or Overlord of the Digital Domain. But, they didn’t ask me. Suffice it to say he’s a good teacher. I can think of no higher praise.


The pic up top of course was a goof shot we did together as a class demo at our yearly extravaganza at Jade Mountain, Anse Chastenet in St. Lucia. RC has the wonderful good fortune to be married to Jenn, one of the most beautiful dancers I have ever worked with. Both good sports, they jumped into the tub while the class lit the room. They did however, draw the line at my idea of putting plastic bagged, gelled Speedlights in the bubbles with them:-)

More tk…

Winter In New York

Jan 22

In Stories at 6:00pm

A long time ago, on 7th Avenue.

I’m probably jinxing things here, because it hasn’t been too bad a winter in NY–so far. But man, I used to pray for bad weather. I was living in the city, in the …

Off to a Fast Start

Jan 20

In In The Field, Lighting, On Location at 5:27am

The year, that is. The facts of the calendar. The pace. Not me, really. I haven’t accelerated at all. In fact, I might have lost a gear along the way. It’s barely mid-January, and I’m already in danger of being …

A Gift at the End of the Year…

Jan 5

In In The Field, Lighting, Thanks at 11:54am

Everybody’s got a bucket list, or something akin to it, I imagine. Photographer’s bucket lists are most likely pretty extensive. It’s not average, almost certainly. (That’s a presumption that any “average” bucket list exists, which is most likely …

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to All!

Dec 24

In Fun, Memories, Thanks at 6:04pm

Into the woods!

Fog and rain by us this Christmas. Not at all like the day below, when I made the shot below, of my kids, years ago, just in from the snow. Saw both of them …