One-Day Lighting Workshops – 2010



July 11, 13, 14, 15, 17, 18

These hands-on workshops are not camera system specific, nor are they are not about buttons and dials. All day, we will deal with the question of how to manage light, while emphasizing how to “write” with light and how it shapes the mood, message, color, and feel of the photograph. Joe will start with the basics of one flash, and move quickly into scenarios involving multiple flashes. Significant location lighting issues will be discussed during the course of a jam-packed day.


– How to blend flash with available light.

– Use of color, and gelling techniques for flash.

– Basic and advanced light shaping tools, from on-camera run ‘n gun techniques to evolved portrait techniques.

– Comparing hard and soft light, umbrellas, soft boxes, etc. In short, we will learn how to speak with light. Joe does not speak a single word all day, but instead, communicates in pulses of light (insert laughter here).

– Small flash TTL strategies.

– Quick overview of larger studio strobes. (In studio and on-location applications.)

Fee: Basic Lighting Workshop, $425.00 per student


Workshops will run from 9:15 am to 6:00 pm

– Classes limited to 15 students per day

If you have questions that aren’t covered on this page, please email us at:



July 12, 16, 27, 28, 29

The techniques taught in the basic lighting workshop will be incorporated, albeit in a compressed time format. Basic proficiency with flash, on and off camera, is required.

Depending on the pace of the class, the following advanced techniques below will be examined:

– Auto FP hi-speed sync.

– Multiple exposure, using multiple groups.

– Complex multiple flash scenarios.

– Mixing small flash with bigger strobes.

– Stroboscopic (if time allows).

Fee: Advanced Lighting Workshop, $500.00 per student


Workshops will run from 9:15 am to 6:00 pm

– Classes limited to 15 students per day

If you have questions that aren’t covered in this document, please email us at:



LOCATION: 145 Palisade Street, Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522. On the day of your workshop, if you need to reach anyone, please call Lynn DelMastro (Joe’s Studio Manager/Producer) on her cell: 914.924.7321, or leave a VM on 203.438.4750. We are renting this space for the purpose of the workshops, and there is no direct phone line there.

TRAVEL & ARRIVAL: If you are driving, please use your favorite search site for directions. For those of you who are traveling by air, the nearest airport is White Plains, NY (HPN). The other airports are LaGuardia (LGA) or John F. Kennedy (JFK). The fastest, most convenient way to get from any of the airports to Dobbs Ferry is to rent a car. Please contact Lynn DelMastro for hotel suggestions. If anyone is traveling from NYC via Metro North, there is a train that leaves Grand Central at 8:20 am, which arrives at 9:05 am in Dobbs Ferry. Since the workshop location is only a 5 minute drive from the train station, we could arrange for you to be picked up at that time. The workshop starts at 9:15, so you won’t be late. The earlier train arrives at 8:24, and we would not have someone at that time to pick you up. In any case, the problem with arriving 1/2 hour before the doors open, would mean standing in the lobby for that long. The door to the workshop WILL NOT OPEN earlier than 9:00 am, and the workshop will begin at 9:15. Sorry that we can’t accommodate early arrivals, as we will be setting up for the day’s workshop. If you arrive PRIOR TO 9:00 am, feel free to wait in the lobby. Thank you for your cooperation with this. Restrooms will also be available while you wait.

AGENDA: Once the door to the workshop opens, feel free to walk around the studio, speak with your fellow classmates, and enjoy a light breakfast of coffee, juice, pastries, bagels, and fresh fruit. Around 9:40, the classroom portion of the workshop will begin. Joe will start by introducing the workshop staff then ask the students to introduce themselves. After that, Joe will do a brief slide presentation. The next part of the morning will involve watching and listening to Joe as he conducts live demonstrations of different lighting set-ups. The class will break for lunch around 1:00 pm. A delicious buffet featuring sandwiches, wraps, salad, and a hot entree, will be followed by an assortment of mini cakes and cookies. The early part of the afternoon will be spent observing Joe as he explores and demonstrates more advanced lighting techniques. Whenever possible, time will be alloted for students to photograph models in each lighting set-up. There will be 3-5 models available to shoot throughout the day. With time being a factor, we ask that no student take more time than seems appropriate for this. Around 5:00 pm, till approximately 5:40, students will be free to shoot models independently in individual shooting bays, each featuring different lighting set-ups. At 5:45, each student will need to allow one of our digital techs to download your image files. The purpose of this is so that we can give the images that everyone takes to the models……

A NOTE ON THE MODELS: The arrangement we have with our models is that we give them images as part of their payment package. They are free to use all images for their own self promotion, as you are welcome to do the same. However, since this is an educational environment, no model releases will be exchanged. Therefore, under no circumstances are you allowed to use any images you create for any usage other than your own portfolio, website, or other similar self-promotion. Any other usage would require the model’s and/or agent’s permission prior to use and commensurate compensation.

WHAT TO BRING: you may want to bring a small kit (digital camera, a couple of lenses, laptop, 1 or 2 speedlights, etc.). You are welcome to use your camera for visual note-taking, as well as for photographing the models during the shooting portion of the workshop.



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