Tethering Hardware/Software

  • aerotable

    Tether Tools Tether Aero Table, Standard Edition

    We’ve gone through a few generations of laptop platforms over the years.  They’d last for maybe a year of hardcore use, then the nuts and bolts would break off, and it wasn’t worth fixing.  Then we found these a few years back, which stand up incredibly well to the abuse of the road, and we’re still on our first one (which still looks and acts like it’s brand new).

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  • Tether-Tools-Tethered-Photography-JerkStopper-Cable-Management-Retention-Camera-Support-USB-Phot

    Tether Tools JerkStopper Camera Support

    The JerkStopper does just that- keeps numnuts from knocking out the tether cable, right while we’re transferring files of that nasty CEO who just gave you three minutes to shoot a cover.

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  • Tether Tools Cat6 Ethernet Cable, 50 Feet, High-Visibility Orange

    With Nikon’s D4, we can now tether via ethernet, which so far, has been great. It’s a much more stable connection than USB, and enables to use a 50 ft. cable, without the need for a repeater.  Very cool.

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  • TT USB

    Tether Tools USB 2.0 A-Male to Mini-B 5 Pin, 15 Feet, High-Visibility Orange

    When we’re not tethering via ethernet cable (Nikon D4), we use these, paired up with Tether Tools’ USB-repeaters.  They’ve been incredibly dependable over the years, and get the job done.

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  • tether-tools-tethered-photography-tetherpro-usb-active-extension-orange-CU1933_CU1950_CU1966_2

    Tether Tools USB Active Extension, 16 Feet, High-Visibility Orange

    A normal USB cable is only strong enough to send data through 10-12 feet of it’s length, and if you try to go further, you’ll try likely drop your tether connection.  Enter active USB repeaters, which solve that very problem. Even better is these guys are bright orange, so we don’t trip over ’em.

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  • CU3033-CU3050-CU3066-tether-tools-tetherpro-usb-3-active-extension-cable-orange-tethered-photogr(1)

    Tether Tools Tether Pro Cable Case

    A twisted up cord ends up being a bad cord pretty quickly.  We have these bags labeled with our sets of tether cables, and the clear window does a great job helping us stay organized.

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  • Manfrotto Accessory Arm

    Manfrotto Accessory Arm

    These guys are rock solid, and come with us everywhere.  Whether we’re mounting a laptop platform on one side, and a ball head on the other, or two cameras, it does what it’s intended to, and lasts a hell of a long time.

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  • Nikon camera Control Pro 2

    Nikon Camera Control Pro 2

    We’ve been back and fourth with lots of tethering software over the years.  Some cameras work better with one vs. another, but since the introduction of Nikon’s D4, we’ve been sticking with this.  It’s the only software that will recognize an ethernet connection (which we use on the D4), and as a whole, it’s pretty fast and reliable (NO tether software is perfect).

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  • Capture One

    Capture One Pro 7

    Really stable, industry-standard tethering program we’ve used on and off for a few years.

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