Small Flash/Accessories

  • SB910

    Nikon SB-910

    This flash is basically an incremental tweak to the SB-900.  They seem to have solved the overheat issue, which is worth its weight in gold.

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  • SU800

    Nikon SU-800

    This is just a commander, and thus small and cheaper than using a flash as a commander. Good unit. Limited range and very directional commander pulse. Not the unit of choice if you have your lights spread out to the sides.

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  • SD9

    Nikon SD-9 Battery Pack

    Makes the speed lights more efficient, less heat prone, and gives you an uptick in recycle. Makes sense, right? You’re spreading the workload out from four batteries to 12.

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  • SC29

    Nikon SC-29 TTL Remote Cord

    The TTL commander signal will travel effectively through three of these puppies. Link them all together, and VOILA! you have a very mobile, extendable commander unit. Good when you are using remotes at tough angles for line of sight.

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  • powerex charger

    Maha/PowerEx MH-C801D Eight Cell 1-Hr Charge for AA/AAA Batteries

    Definitely the fastest, and most solid AA battery charger we’ve ever used.  We have two rotating small flash bags, each with ten flashes– and each bag is outfitted for four of these chargers.  They’re amazingly fast, and having multiple units lets us charge up a few hundred batteries in no time.

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  • powerex2700

    Powerex AA 2700mAh NiMH Rechargeable Batteries

    We use ’em, we love ’em. Very dependable batteries (all of our small flashes are powered by these guys), and when you use the Maha/PowerEx quick chargers, they come back up to speed really fast.

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  • imedion

    Powerex AA 2400mAh IMEDION Rechargeable Batteries

    Great batteries for those items you don’t need to charge up every day.  Our small flashes, on the other hand, use the 2700mAh’s, for their sheer power, but like any NiMH batteries, they only hold their full charge for so long.   Read More →

  • lastolite-gels

    Lastolite Strobo Gel Set

    This kit is a great addition to any camera bag, and are the perfect way to start experimenting with gels.

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