Joe McNally Lastolite Products

  • skylite

    Lastolite Joe McNally Skylite Rapid Diffuser w/ Masks (aluminum frame)

    This 3×3 diffuser is a great way to turn your small flash into a big light source. We use this at the studio in a variety of ways. With the new addition of the diffuser masks, the Skylite is a versatile, controllable light source.

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  • lslu5038jm

    Lastolite Joe McNally 4 in 1 Umbrella w/circular and square catchlight

    Coming in at a robust 51″ this is the most versatile umbrella for it’s size. In one umbrella, you get a white bounce, silver bounce, shoot through, and shoot through with a mask. This is a newer product and has quickly become one of our favorites.

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  • Speelite Box

    Lastolite Joe McNally Ezybox Speedlite Plus Portable Flashgun Softbox

    Similar to it’s larger counterpart, this little 8.5″ softbox has a white interior that gives of a soft, creamy light. Perfect for traveling, and very customizable. It comes with one outer and 3 choices of inner diffusers (shoot thru, soft gold and soft silver).

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  • ezybox2

    Lastolite Joe McNally 24″ White Ezybox Hotshoe Softbox

    Designed by yours truly, this softbox gives a much softer source of light than the version with the silver interior. It’s just a nicer, more forgiving light. This is light shaper that always goes out with us. Plus, it’s kind of cool after all these years in the biz to have my name on something other than a proposal rejection letter.

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  • triflash2

    Lastolite Joe McNally Rotating Triflash

    The first iteration of the tri-flash had static cold shoes, which meant that it was impossible to get your flash’s sensors oriented all in the same direction.  With this one, you can change the orientation of the cold shoes (they ratchet) so you can line up your line of sight sensors in a more coherent way.  Like any spring-loaded cold shoe, just be sure to tighten them shut, and turn the screws inward to protect them in-transit.

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  • trigrip

    Lastolite Joe McNally 32″ Trigrip Reflector Kit

    Another product I worked with Lastolite to develop. This tri-grip comes complete with a black fabric cover, with a velcro window, and two additional pieces of fabric.  This lets you mold and shape the light like you could never do previous to this, with a plain ol’ tri-grip.  Sometimes you want spread, and sometimes you want to specifically light.  This gives you both options.

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  • uplight2

    Lastolite Joe Mcnally 24″ Uplite Reflector Kit

    We use this in the studio, but it rarely goes on location with us. It’s tougher to set up than I’d like out there in the wild. But it does give a low, luminous glow, and you can vary the hardness and softness of the light easily. Great for a touch of fill under the brim of a cap.

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