Various Light Shapers

  • lsezbsl

    Lastolite Ezybox Speed-Lite for Small Flash

    Small, very portable, and a great quality of light, when used close to your subject.  Similar to Lumiquest’s LTp, but an incrimentally better quality of light, due to the fact that this has an additional internal diffusor.

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  • lstgtfk

    Lastolite 8-in-1 Tri Flip Reflector Kit

    We always bring a few of these on location, and even when traveling with just a shoulder bag, we’ll use a carabiner, and hook one to the bag.  The size is perfect for adding some beauty fill, cutting down light intensity, or blocking unwanted light.  We spend most of the time using the silver and diffusion tri-flips.

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  • lstg1sd

    Lastolite Jumbo 48″ Tri Grip Collapsable Triangular 1 Stop Diffuser

    Like the Lastolite’s Tri Flip kits, we always have a few of these on set with us.  With the size being much larger, we find ourselves using these as a floor bounce with a flash, a diffuser between our larger flash modifiers and our subjects, or when we need to fan our models during those hot, summer days.

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  • 6x6

    Lastolite Small 42×42″ Standard Skylite Kit

    Focusing more on the diffusion version of this panel, we tend to utilize this as a window type of light.  Whether we use sunlight, or a small flash, this panel produces a soft, glowing light

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  • lsskybmk

    Lastolite Medium 42×78″ Skylite Kit

    The 3×6 diffusion material, mixed with a few small flashes shooting through it, makes for a phenomenal group portrait light.  It also fits perfectly in lots of doorways, if you want to bring that natural daylight look into an indoor shooting scenario.

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  • 6x6

    Lastolite 78×78″ Skylite Kit

    We usually use the diffusor or additional black material (sold seperately), but almost always bring one of these guys on bigger jobs- especially when working outdoors, with unpredictable sunlight.

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  • lsskyfbkvlm

    Lastolite Large 78″x78″ Skylite Fabric, Black Velvet

    This 6×6 black fabric serves as a black background for us when doing portraiture and headshots.  We also sometimes use it as an overhead light blocker, when working outdoors.

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  • manfrottowebinar017

    Lastolite 8-in-1 41″ Umbrella

    We’ve come to love this umbrella for its sheer versatility.  The downside to umbrellas is typically the lack of control you have over spill of the light, but with the multiple options this kit gives you, you regain a lot of that control.  We tend to use the velcro port, while the umbrella is set up as a shoot-through source.

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  • weuwhdp7

    Westcott 7′ White Diffusion Parabolic Umbrella

    When traveling light, and you need a giant light source or blocker, this is a great option.  Like any umbrella, it’s not gonna last forever, but for the price, it’s a great tool to keep in your pack.

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  • fpqra

    Flashpoint Q Series 6″ Beauty Dish for Small Flash

    A small and lightweight shaper for your speedlight, this beauty dish gives a very controlled and punchy light.  Great, snappy light source, for certain kinds of faces that can handle that kind of light. (Figuring out which faces it works for is up to you.)

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  • fpqsa

    Flashpoint Q Series Snoot for Small Flash

    A cheap and easy way to add a small, controlled fill light into your pictures. No moving parts. Very effective.

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  • fahsgf

    Honl Speed Gobo/Barndoor

    This is an excellent, formalized way to flag off unwanted light from a speedlight.  We usually have a few of these on hand, but in a pinch, three strips of gaffers tape works just fine as well.

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  • speed strap

    Lumiquest Ultra Strap

    The best strap we’ve used for securing Lumiquest, and most other small flash light shapers onto your flash.

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