• Apple Mac Pro

    Apple Mac Pro

    As our main computer at the studio, this machine handles most of our post production work, as well as all of our video editing.

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  • Macbook pro 15

    Apple 15″ Macbook Pro

    A necessity for any photography, we have a few of these that we bring on location at any given time.  We are able to download our entire take right on the spot, as well as make backups of our work.  We also will use this machine whenever we need to tether, and if you don’t have a digital cart and tech on-hand, this is the next best way to show images to your clients.

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  • 27inch imac

    Apple 27″ iMac

    We have a few of these in our studio, equipped with the Apple Cinema Displays.  The 27″ iMac’s don’t take up much room, and definitely pack a punch when it comes to power.  With a reasonable price tag, these are a great choice for any studio.

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  • Apple Cinema HD

    Apple Cinema Display

    We have these hooked up to the 27″ iMac for post production purposes.

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  • wacom cintiq 22inch

    Wacom Cintiq 22″ Tablet

    Simply put, the Cintiq makes editing a whole lot more intuitive, and precise.  Being able to post-process directly on the screen is a huge time saver, and just makes much more sense than using a mouse.

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  • wacom intuos 5 large

    Wacom intuos 5 touch (Large)

    Each of our studio’s iMac’s are outfitted with one of these.  Tablets just make a lot more sense than using a mouse or trackpad for editing.

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  • Wacom intos 5 medium

    Wacom intuos 5 touch (Medium)

    Our on-the-road tablet, when we need to turn something around quick.  Back in the studio we use the Cintiq, and the large Intuos 5’s, but this guy is a pleasure to work with as well.

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  • spyder elite

    Datacolor Spyder4Elite Colorimeter

    Keeping your monitors in-sync with your printers (and each other), is hugely important.  Everything from the ambient environment of your studio, to the age of your displays will effect them greatly, and we use Spyder4Elite calibrators to do our best in keeping a baseline of color throughout all of our machines.

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  • G-Tech 12TB Raid

    G-Technology G-Speed eS 12TB RAID units

    The heart of our studio’s archiving system.  We have 4 of these at home base…three hooked up directly to our server, and one to our main video editing suite, for quicker access.

    Really fast response time, and extremely dependable.

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  • iosafe rugged portable

    ioSafe Rugged Portable 1TB Hard drives

    Our on-location hard drives.  We travel with 6-8 of these at all times, and three are dedicated to our current shoot(s).  They can withstand big drops, plus they’re waterproof, and crushproof to 5000 lbs.  They’re the perfect to answer to a truly rugged drive any photographer could feel secure banging around a bit.

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