Computer Software

  • creative cloud

    Adobe Creative Cloud

    The one stop shop for all Adobe products. Our primary editing program being Photoshop, and the industry standard for post processing images.

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  • Aperture 3

    Apple Aperture 3

    This all-in-one program is a great way for me to make quick, simple moves on the road, and turn around a new slideshow in very little time.  Obviously, for any major post, we go to Photoshop, but we tend to keep things simple more often than not.

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  • Photo Mechanic

    Photo Mechanic 5

    The best choice when it comes to viewing your images right after a shoot.  Both raw and jpeg files load up almost instantly, allowing us to view our entire take right away.

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  • nik-complete

    Nik Software Complete Collection

    This plugin software is great for taking post processing to the next level.  The NIK collection is filled with amazing filters that help us give our images that extra pop, and save us a ton of time.

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  • Final Cut Pro x

    Apple Final Cut Pro X

    The industry standard for video editing.  Though we don’t do a ton of video, when we need to produce a polished product, this is the program we turn to.

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