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Goodbye, Danny…

Apr 20

In Friends, history at 5:36am

When I first arrived in NYC, nurturing faint hopes to become a photographer in the Big Apple, Danny Farrell was the dean of NYC press photography, a class act, and much respected. A shooter’s shooter, nobody was tougher when the …

The familiar remnants of a minor league basball game played on a

The Boys of Summer, or, Thank Goodness Winter’s Over….

Apr 12

In Memories, Stories at 7:36pm

This Terminator of a winter finally fades as a memory. It was indeed like a movie monster who wouldn’t die, who rose up again and again, for one last kill or thrill. I’ve still got a pile of …


A Quick Thing About a Shadow

Apr 3

In Lighting at 6:23am

Taught last week at SVA, which was fun to do. Katrin Eismann has built a powerhouse program there for all manner of visual …

Broad Light, Narrow Light

Apr 1

In Lighting at 8:29am

From the same light shaper. When Gary Astill, the peerless designer at Lastolite and I were brainstorming, I mentioned the quality of light translating through a Lastolite Skylite panel

With Thanks….

Mar 26

In Friends, Memories, Thanks at 8:00am

I’ve always enjoyed the company of photographers. So, it was truly enjoyable to share time and stories this week with a group of extraordinarily, wonderfully talented shooters, all of whom share the good fortune of being called a …