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B&W Challenge….

Dec 17

In In The Field at 8:14am

Circa, The Church Lady, SNL, NYC. Tri-x. More tk….

The Gift of Organization

Dec 15

In Computer Technology at 9:40am

I’m not much of a computer person. I can use one, and get myself around, but the nuances, controls and finessing of these machines, which is second nature to some, elude me. Organization and knowledge of where things …

B&W Challenge…

Dec 12

In In The Field at 8:03am


Have always loved to shoot black and white. Started in the business in newspapers and wires, back in the 70’s, when color was considered an exotic beast. There is this challenge associated with B&W imagery flying around on …

A Good Picture Editor!

Dec 10

In Friends, history at 9:59am

Today’s blog is over at Jimmy Colton’s estimable Z PhotoJournal.

It is high praise to refer to someone as a good picture editor. That means that he or she is possessed …

The Nebraska Project

Dec 3

In Friends at 8:57am

One of the best ways to start a career in photography has traditionally been to get a job as a newspaper/wire service shooter. If one survives the very irreverent dip and dunk process of the daily news game, you arrive …