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A Happy Weekend Blog…

Jun 27

In Fun at 5:21am

Just a quick, lighthearted blog for the weekend. Many thanks to Nikon and the MWW Group for putting together a


Don’t You Worry About Your Car, Sir! We’ll Just Have Harley Here Take a Look! Meanwhile, You Can Use “The Loaner!”

Jun 23

In Lighting at 11:03am

Maybe I read too many Johnny Torch comics when I was a kid. But I always wanted to try a shot like this,  with two oxy-acetelyne torches wielded by a wild man mechanic in a fantastical, down home …

Father’s Day Special 2015!

Jun 16

In Sale! at 7:07am

Fun with flash on Father’s Day! The popular Language of Light, Volumes One and Two are available for a holiday special. Super sale this year, details and descriptions below.

As I said when we launched the second DVD of …


The Nikon Wedding Truck, BTS

Jun 15

In Jobs, Lighting at 4:40am

Early am, on Thursday, June 4th, the truck sat at Fast Ashley’s Studios in Brooklyn. We had staged it there to prep and prop the empty, 20′ box truck as …


The Nikon Wedding Truck Rolled Into NYC Last Week

Jun 9

In In The Field, Jobs, Lighting at 8:19am

Dawn on June 4th…..over the East River and into Manhattan, and the NYC Wedding Bureau.