Kata LW-97W Large Rolling Organizer Case

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Really durable bags, with a drastically updated wheel/handle system.  Okay, so, not that many people routinely travel with 10 speed lights. Thing is, I use them in groups on location, and also, when I teach a class, I loan these out. So, inside this bag is the whole nine yards. Flashes, battery packs for the flashes, chargers for the batteries, small Lumiquest light shapers, Flashpoint beauty dish and snooted grid. Plus cords, wires, gels, and PC connectors for Pocket Wizard radios.

Upside? The bag is big enough to accommodate all this stuff. Downside? Damn bag is heavy. But it rolls well, and gives indication that it is durable, and will stay the course, at least for a while, being that it’s constantly on an airplane.