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Nov 24

In Books, Sale!, Videos at 10:05am

It all sounds kind of ominous, doesn’t it? Hardly has a jingly ring to it, the way one might expect for the titular opening of the holiday shopping season. I vastly prefer the day in between these two, which is now referred to as “Small Business Saturday.” Sounds like a kinder, gentler day, and here at the studio, we definitely qualify. Hard to get smaller than us.

Big, we ain’t. So it’s a welcome thing, this Small Business Saturday initiative. We have a pretty short list of things to offer – some things are on sale and a couple of brand new things to share in case you’re interested. Check out options below, and if you do venture into the stores on Black Friday, be careful. I have worked on several aircraft carriers, where they flat out tell you that the flight deck is the “most dangerous four and a half acres on earth.” I think that title transfers temporarily to the parking lots outside the big box stores on these holiday shopping spree days.

The download version of the Language of Light video, a well reviewed instructional in small flash, will be on sale  from Friday November 28 thru Tuesday at midnight on December 2, 2014. Got 3 options of discounts, depending on what you’re looking for. Below are the URL links and the COUPON CODES. Here we go!

First step. Select which version you’d like and Hit  “ADD TO ORDER”
Next, copy and paste the COUPON CODE in the UPDATE COUPON box and hit enter. Once you enter the coupon code you will automatically get the sale price. That’s it!

Language of Light Download- Volumes 1 & 2 (Combo Set) is 40% off.
Link:   Coupon CodeLOLCOMBO40

Language of Light Download- Volumes 2 is 25% off
  Coupon CodeLOL225

Language of Light Download- Volume 1 (ONLY) is 40% off.  
  Coupon CodeLOL140

In the LOL 2 version, we go forward with more advanced concepts, and a bit less piece by piece explanation. There’s a lot of discussion and explanation, but as we’ve said, this one is more of a backstage tour of shots that are happening, some of which are a tad complex, like tap dancer Baakari Wilder, seen below.


Since we are talking about gift options:), happy to announce that I put together my first eBook.  I’ve been asked a lot over the years if I’d make a book, a compilation, of the best, most popular, most informative, most off the wall posts to my blog as a keepsake for people. We gathered a group of technically informative entries, and paired them with a roughly equivalent number of posts that are just about the humorous, vexing, frustrating, and ultimately wonderful life of a traveling photog.  And we put them together in this roughly 200 page version called The Light and the Life. It’s in both English & Spanish. I travel a lot, and over the last few years I’ve visited and taught in numerous Spanish speaking countries, particularly Mexico. The photo community there is vast, passionate and skilled, so, we translated the book into Spanish. Big thanks to Eduardo Angel for his keen eye, expert attention to detail, and dedication for making the Spanish version happen. And of course thanks to my wonderful editor Ted Waitt at Peachpit


Here are the links:

Peachpit, English version:

Peachpit, Spanish version:

(Note, the Peachpit site allows you to download three formats, including PDF and EPUB.)

Have great holidays, everybody!  More tk…


The Creature in the Wall….Video BTS

Oct 31

In Videos at 5:27am

Some folks have chimed in with some questions about the above picture. We did a little BTS video about the making thereof…..

Many thanks to Andrew Tomasino and the whole gang who contributed to the video, and the doing of the shot!

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The Language of Light – Volume Two – FAQ

Jun 12

In Videos at 11:37am

Hey gang, we’ve gotten a few inquiries after the blog post on the launch of Language of Light Volume Two. Here’s some info:

1.   Will The Language of Light – Volume Two  download be available in the future as a DVD?

Most likely not…We found with our first DVD that the cost of the shipping, potential tariffs and duties drove the price up in so many areas, for so many regions of the world, that the electronic version was best way to go.

2.    Is there a discount for KelbyOne members?

Sorry no discounts for KelbyOne members at this time. A good thought though.  Might talk to Scott on collaborations on discounts down the road.

3.    What’s the “Update Coupon” icon in the order window before purchase?

A company called FastSpring produces the back end of the order forms for us and this is part of the template. It’s an inactive button for now and will be activated in the future when we have coupons or discounts offered.

4.    Computer glitches?

In the event of a computer hiccup (which never happens) or you need to re-download your purchased copy, just make sure you keep the order# handy – since a DVD disc version does not exist. We will work with you to get you a clean copy at any time as long as you have your purchase info.  Send us a note at: [email protected] with any/all questions or problems.

5.    Is this new download for beginners?

No, not really. This edition assumes a more basic knowledge of camera operation and relationship between f/stops and shutter speeds. As I mentioned in the blog, LOL2 is more conversational, and has a faster pace. We don’t pause to review the basics, keeping the momentum going in pursuit of a picture.


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Announcing The Language of Light – Volume Two! Father’s Day Special!

Jun 9

In Sale!, Videos at 8:36am

As a follow-up to the popular, well received Language of Light DVD (and download version) we are introducing, at special pricing, a brand new instructional series, The Language of Light – Volume Two, as a download version only.

This one’s fun, gang. The first had lots of nuts and bolts, step by step instruction, exact parsing of f-stops and shutter speeds, and placement of lights and shapers. It was also all speedlights, all the time. This one follows in the same footsteps, with diagrams, f-stops and the whole shebang, but is more conversational, with the video camera floating through fairly complex shoots, and me talking my way through the ongoing problems encountered along the path to create a good photo. We have multiple light setups, speedlights galore, smoke machines, dancers, characters, retro glamour models, and a smattering of big flash. What we don’t have are hard core, basic lessons, such as “this is a profile light,” or, “this is a light shaper.” Consider this one a bit of a tour through the occasionally enchanted forest of my brain, as I try to recover mistakes, manage lots of flashes, and try to beat the deadline the sunset imposes on any shoot.

We visit Jay Maisel’s roof for a shoot, fill a theater with smoke, gelled spotlights and flash, and we do a time exposure while a star Broadway tap dancer traces his path with light in between two pops of flash. Additionally, we continue conversations with legendary photographer and picture editor John Loengard, and the Obi Wan of speedlights, Nikon’s Lindsay Silverman.

We kick this off with sale pricing for that wonderful day on the calendar, Father’s Day. However, this is not just for dads. Any photog, from intermediate to even the advanced flash user will find this addition useful. The first volume explains and illuminates skills, from basic to intermediate, while opening the door to advanced skills. This second volume continues the path and sees how those principles of light get applied, sometimes extravagantly, in the field, in the pursuit of a picture.

Now, when I say extravagantly, it’s a term I use advisedly. On a couple of setups, we use a couple of flashes. On others, we use a small array of flashes outside windows to simulate window light, and then use additional speedlights for our subject on the inside. And, having some fun and exploring where small flash can take us, we use thirteen speedlights atop Jay Maisel’s legendary building on the lower east side of NYC.

Here’s the skinny on the pricing…..


The Language of Light – Volume Two: $79.99

The Language of Light – Complete Set – Volumes One & Two$179.99

SPECIAL PRICING of $179.99 for Father’s Day Sale: June 9-16 ONLY

 (The Language of Light – Complete Set – Volumes One & TwoREGULAR price: $199.99)


The episodes were fun to shoot, and chock-a-block with location problems and solutions. They’re fun to watch! Happy Father’s Day to all!

More tk…

That’s A Wrap!

Dec 16

In Seminars & Workshops, Videos at 11:44am

Heading to Houston. Last trip of the year, and the last of the 2012  One Light, Two Light Workshops. Just want to say thanks to the nearly 5,000 folks who have come out to seminars this year, to spend a day knocking about with a couple of flashes. Everyone has been incredibly gracious, receptive and patient throughout the teaching stints. Not to mention courageous, such as the gentleman below at the Tampa stop. Audience members were called on regularly to do double duty, and join me onstage for a portrait. Not the easiest thing to do, getting up there to have your image flashed on giant screens in front of several hundred people, and I really am indebted to those folks who took a flyer on a picture with me.

Also want to thank folks for their patience while we pulled together a downloadable version of the Language of Light DVD. We have gotten lots of emails, especially from photogs overseas,  encouraging us to do this, so the cost of shipping, taxes, and tariffs on the physical DVD could be saved. We logged a lot of road time this year, so it took a while, but thanks to Drew’s perseverance, the link is now live and you can either ship the item from Adorama, or download it direct here.

All the best to everyone as the year winds down…..more tk….