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Talking Pictures With Scott

Nov 14

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Looking forward to hanging with Scott Kelby and the gang down at Tampa this week. (Click on the image above.) Scott and I did a video together in NYC recently, where we started in the wee hours, right at my studio, in the equipment garage, packing the truck and talking our way through the shoot. We talk about the whole deal, from why certain equipment gets brought or not, to strategies for survival on assignment, to location difficulties and solutions. And not just the nuts and bolts. We talk back and forth about the why of a job, the choice of a subject and the motivation to put your camera to your eye in the first place. And, we wander through the workroom, checking out the stuff on the walls, the accumulation of thirty years of imagery, sprung from travels to what is now over 60 countries.

See the picture up above? I look a bit reserved, don’t I? Calm, almost. Well, as you know, it’s anything but calm when Scott and I get together, yakking as we will in the studio on Wednesday night, and also in the location video we did this summer. It’ll be no holds barred, and all questions welcome. Here’s the link to register.

During the day of the video, I shot dance in NYC, at the old Brooklyn Navy Yard, which was a kick, and something I have always loved doing. Below are a couple of shots we generated that day, one with Jonathan, an amazing dancer who uses the urban environment of NY as a springboard for his artistry, and the other with Jenny Ringer, one of the most elegant principal dancers with the New York City Ballet. Just a great day at a great location.

Hope to chat with you on Wednesday!  More tk….


Jun 27

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From the weekend…Maggie was indeed a beautiful bride. Pinned to her dress were her granmother and grandfather’s rings….

New week…tomorrow, Tampa! Gridding it! Details here. Another season of the Grid is kicking off!

More tk….

A Show at Monroe!

Dec 13

In News, Upcoming Events at 6:19am

Last trip of the year, next week, will be a fun one. Heading for Santa Fe, and doing a book signing and opening a small show at the prestigious Monroe Gallery. Here’s the link for the show. There’s been a lot of wonderful photogs’ work on those walls over the years–Eisenstadt, Mydans, Parks, Loengard, Leifer, Smith. Just feel very humbled to share the space.

Doing a book signing along with the show. The new LIFE Guide to Digital Photography has been out for a bit now, and it was a fun book to write. Writing a guide really makes you think about what you do as a shooter, especially those bits and pieces you just take for granted after 30 years, but are understandably mysterious to those who just pick up the camera.

In other news, just contributed to a holiday digital camera story for the New York Times.

My bud David Hobby contributed some bits and pieces as well, and it was cool trying to point folks to handy or useful stuff for the picture taker in their family. Here’s the link to the whole article.

Hang in folks….end of the year’s in sight! More tk….


Mar 22

In Upcoming Events at 11:23pm

Heading to Beantown for the big meet up at the twice yearly NAPP fest, Photoshop World, ’09. Looking forward to it. I’ve been to many, many photojournalistic conclaves over the years, some of which have been truly profound and moving, while others have been sort of listless and self important. Let me say that “listlessness” is not on the menu for Boston. The energy of the PSW gatherings is bracing. People are jazzed. Truly jazzed. I mean, people camp out at the doors for Scott Kelby’s classes like they did outside of Apple stores the night before they released the Iphone. And what Scott doles out in terms of wit and wisdom is worth alot more than an Iphone, so it’s no mystery why folks are lined up.

Ahoy, matie! Mooster and I do a pre-con Safari, where we lecture and then hit the high seas with a bunch of folks to do flash portrait sessions on board the USS Constitution. It’s a great opportunity for Moose and I to explore our future as Somali pirates. Hey, I figure it’s one of the few growth industries around. It’d be cool, you know, going “Aargh!” and making off with a supertanker. (How do you say that in Somali, I wonder?)

I really don’t have the cojones to be a Somali pirate. Worked there once, in Mogadishu, and it is one seriously crazy place. Before I went in I had dinner with a journalist bud in Kenya, and he had this advice. “If you wanna go somewhere and the Somalis don’t wanna go there, don’t go, cause the Somalis are not chicken shits.” Quite true. I hung there for a week, tended to by my translator, my driver, and my own personal Somali army of 5 guys armed with Kalashnikovs. It’s the only way you could work at the time in Mog. Every morning the steel gates of the hotel would open and we would plunge into the craziness. My guys were strong with the Aidid clan, and they got me in touch with this bunch on a technical, which is Somali speak for a Toyota pickup with a heavy caliber belt fed weapon in the back. Might be an interesting option for Detroit to offer. Could boost sales, especially the way folks drive in say, LA.

Main drag, former financial district, downtown Mog. Shot with a Fujica 617 camera on 120 film.

Got in on a Red Cross plane, go out on a drug plane. Little Cessna puddle jumpers are gutted and stuffed with bales of khat, and then flown from Nairobi into dirt airstrips near Mogadishu. Somalis chew it and kind of buzz their way through the day. Can’t say I blame ‘em considering everybody’s armed and there is no rule of law, no police, no fire department, very little running water and electricity, and an economy that makes our current state of things look positively rosy. I’d stay buzzed, too, I think. Difficult place, and sad…..

RC will be there. too. That’s RC as in “Non-Stop Concepcion.” Can’t wait till he bounds out of nowhere, camcorder in hand, in his patented guerrilla interview style of video interviewing. Probable question: “Joe, what’s the coolest thing about CS4?” Joe response: “Uh, well, umm, I, uh, well….I’ve always liked the number 4! So it’s bound to be a cool program! Right? Huh? Is that good?”

Actually, I’ve been getting better at the post stuff. Just got the suite of NIK filters. That stuff is cool, and makes things alot easier for a thunder thumbs like me. You’d think I’d learn faster, being at PSW and all, but it stays busy, so I don’t get to many classes. If you are out there, though, and trying to decide what you’re doing for the week, PSW is very cool. High energy, lots of like minded folks, great classes. You can really tune it up in the three days.


When PSW ends on Saturday, I jump on plane for the Middle East and the Gulf Plus Photo conference. Third year in a row. Just an amazing workshop, in an amazing place. Talk about a faculty. Teaching there will be David Hobby, Cliff Mautner, Vince Laforet, Chase Jarvis, Bobbi Lane, Carol Dragon, David Nightingale, Drew Gardner, Zack Arias, Asim Rafiqui, Chris Hurtt, and Robin Nichols.

Just makes you want to stop teaching and go to a bunch of classes. My hat’s seriously off to Mohamed Somji and his staff for pulling this off at a time when it is tough sledding even in a money haven like Dubai. He has stayed the course and organized all this in the face of daunting odds. It is the central clearing house for photo education, chat, and networking in all the Middle East. More tk…..

Its Alive!

Dec 19

In Equipment, Upcoming Events at 4:54pm

Yes, indeed, the Dobbs Ferry Workshops are alive once again. I’ve gotten pinged a bunch over time about reviving them, so we contacted our old studio building back on the Hudson and they said come on back. We will have a classroom/studio room, and the run of this old funky factory building down by the train tracks and the river. Great setting. Lots of peeling paint. Dingy hallways. Loading docks. Photog’s dream.

They will run Jan. 19, 20, 21, 22 and 24. We will have breakfast and lunch, snacks, free parking and multiple models, all days. Class size is limited to 12. Fee is $350 for a 10-11 hour day. We will go hard all day, showing examples, shooting demos, working big flash and small flash. Participants get time behind the camera as well as time gripping for shoots and moving gear. We will talk about light all day.

Bogen Imaging and Adorama have stepped up big time to help us out, and we will have toys galore, from big AC power packs to Elinchrom Rangers, Octas, beauty dishes, umbrellas, soft boxes, flats, panels, long throw reflectors, Skyports, c-stands. The whole deal.

We will use SB800 and 900 units, and craft i-TTL solutions that will rival the big flash solutions, and show how to move fluidly between big flash and small flash, and mix the two.

Beauty of working in Dobbs is how close it is to NYC, either a 35 minute train ride (we will pick you up at the Dobbs station, and drop you at end of day) or 45 by car from mid-town Manhattan. And the building is big. And we can move around, and move fast. We had a great time when we did these a few years back, and then we kinda let ‘em go when we moved the studio a bit north to CT.

But they’re back and they’re alive. Hit Lynn with an email at lynn@joemcnally.com, or phoner at 203-438-4750. She’s got details and class lists going.

You can also view the workshop announcment here, or download a PDF version here.


I thought Jeff (jsnyder@adorama.com) was gonna shoot me when I posted all this stuff and told the world to give him a shout. (But then he wouldn’t wanna hurt an old person.) Typical Jeff, though, he scrambled all the below together, so now you can go individual and get the pieces, or the entire kit, and save $25 and get free shipping. Bob Krist is also very relieved, cause he thought he’d have to start staffing up at home and putting all this together to ship out, and that would interfere with him watching Oprah every afternoon.

The entire kit listed below is SKU# JMLKE, in Adorama’s system (Though, it’s so new that it isn’t yet on their website- So if you’d like the entire kit, please contact Jeff Snyder directly at jsnyder@adorama.com; the same goes for the Westcott umbrella and Morris bracket).

FREE SHIPPING AND a $25 SAVINGS if purchased as the “kit”, vs individually





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