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Back To Vegas….PSW 2015!

Aug 5

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Heading to Vegas next week, and PhotoShop World 2015. It’s always been a signature event, even more so now that it is an annual blowout instead of a twice yearly, bi-coastal romp amongst the pixels. I enjoy the company of photographers, as I’ve said many times, and all the talented instructors, the energy of the whole event, and the wonderfully supportive atmosphere the convention spawns.

I also like Vegas. Is that horrendous to admit? I’ve listened to so many conversations over time excoriating Vegas, hanging at the edge of the group discussion, feeling like a hollow brained bobble head doll,  a half smile fixed on my face, and not contributing because of the potential retribution and high minded sneering potentially meted out to one who might admit to really sort of enjoying the glitz, the feathers, the neon, the shows, the traffic, the hustle, and the sheer, utterly improbable, sprawling creation that Vegas is. I don’t know….it’s cool.


One of the coolest things to me, ever fascinated with the performing arts, is the myriad of talented performers who are drawn from all over the globe to the lights of the strip. If you can juggle three or four balls whilst swinging upside down, balanced on your head on a trapeze, a hundred feet over a stupefied audience–if you perhaps have those types of skills–Vegas is certainly on your radar. If you’re not already there. Amazing people. Amazing, unabashed, physically gifted talent.

Which we are blessedly able to work with for one of #PSW2015’s signature events, the Pre-Con day. I run an event called “Characters on Location,” and quite wonderfully, the characters we use are among such as you see here in the blog. We run five sets populated with talent, Speed Lights, Profoto big flash, and steady light. Participants rotate from set to set, encountering wondrous performers at each turn. They have a blast.


The monochrome pictures here were shot in Vegas, after last year’s PSW, in a place called HKPK (HardKore ParKour) and we invited a gifted group indeed. I was early on in my acquaintance with the Profoto B1 units, and had changed things up a bit. They are, of course, classically suited to location or field work. But, in the interests of changing things up, and exploring their versatility in a controlled environment, I took them into the studio. This day alone convinced me about how much they have become the absolute go to location units in the realm of big flash. Portable, powerful, and now fixed up with both high speed sync and TTL controls, they are miles ahead of anything else out there when you need power and bigger light shapers. Take a look at the video, shot by the intrepid MD Welch, for a look at our day and some notions about the units.

The performers were remarkable and the lights were fluid and easy to experiment with. The centerpiece of the day was an old tire, believe it or not. I showed up in Vegas and I said to the crew, “Well, we have to go get a tire at some sort of truck place.” They were like, “A tire?”

Sometimes things just strike you, right? And you have to see those notions through, no matter how ridiculous they might sound to anyone. I thought a huge, battered truck tire would be something these physically creative performers might have fun with. It also provided a weathered, graphically simple center of the action.


All day long, my go to camera-lens combo was the Nikon D810 with the Nikkor 70-200mm f2.8. Simple. Sharp and detailed. Done. Hooked it up to a Profoto Air Remote, and started to vary and play with the power and placement of the lights. Blew some smoke in the background. Asked the performers what they might be capable of in front of the camera. The camera stayed in the same spot, rooted on a Gitzo tripod all day long. The moving parts were the athletes, who were predictably beautiful, outrageous, and creative. Just a great day in the studio!


My main light shaper was an overhead RFI 1×6 strip soft box, governed by an egg crate to limit spill. For the side lights, I placed the B-1 units behind 3×6 Lastolite Skylite diffusers. Up front was an RFI 1×3 strip, also with an egg crate. The terrific thing was that, via, the air remote, I could put these lights into and out of play, and alter their power, and never leave the camera.

So, Vegas, here we go again. Looking forward to the lights.

More tk.

From Here to There…

Feb 28

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Travel is a wonderful thing. I walked out of my house, where we can barely see the lamp post in the walkway, got into a fast moving metal cylinder, and got deposited, roughly, in the desert, where we did a production shot yesterday. Vegas, here we are again.

A change of scenery wasn’t the cause of the trip, though it was welcome. I’m down here for the WPPI Convention, and actually have a role to play, even though I am not a wedding shooter of any note whatsoever. I’m very honored to be giving the keynote address to the convention on Tuesday night. It’s a wonderful turn of events for us here at the studio, and I’m very thankful to Lauren Wendle, Jason Groupp, and the whole gang at PDN/WPPI for making it happen.

Also doing a photowalk, the first sort of formalized photo walk I have ever conducted. (I say formalized, as in planned. My whole life has actually been a photo walk. Meander might be a better term. A stumble? Certainly, here and there, mixed in with the occasional pratfall and full out sprints. I digress.) Here’s the link. It will be early morning on Tuesday, and we will walk, slowly, and see what this city of neon looks like in the morning light.

I’ll be lecturing for Nikon, and hanging with my blessedly inappropriate brother in photographic mayhem, Mike Corrado at the Nikon booth, #721. Again, very honored to be a speaker there, in the midst of a group of extraordinary wedding shooters. I’ll be doing live demo, light and fast, with a bride and Speedlights. Yikes!

slide show 301

I’ll also be over at the Profoto booth, showing some examples of work I’ve done lately with Profoto flash, in particular the B1, which is an astounding light.


The big guy will be there, Jeff Snyder and the crew from Adorama. They are in booth #527 in the main hall, so please come by and say hi.

It’s a reunion of sorts. David Vaskevitch and the whole Mylio gang will be there, demonstrating this remarkable piece of software. Literally, the whole time line of my life in pictures is migrating onto Mylio, and it’s been a fun and revelatory process for me after all these years of shooting. Organization! What a concept!

Screen Shot 2015-02-28 at 8.29.21 AM

The Kelby folks will be there, with Scott, RC Concepcion and crew teaching shooting skills and post production.

Vegas! More tk….


St. Lucia Lighting Workshop in theTimes…

Jul 7

In Seminars & Workshops, Upcoming Events at 3:35am

Very happy our St. Lucia lighting workshop merited coverage in the New York Times Sunday Travel section! As we always say, it’s a workshop in paradise, the only one of its kind we do all year. A true destination resort, Anse Chastanet/Jade Mountain remains a lure for me, no matter how many times I’ve visited there over the course of 20 years of going to St. Lucia.

We do lots of lighting, and then guest instructor RC Concepcion steps forward at times during the week to display his wizardry in the realm of post-production. It’s a full week of location lighting techniques, critiques, models and locations. Here’s a link to the workshop week schedule. (Make sure you scroll down the page.)

We made the printed paper as well!

Happy as well for Barbara Cadet, the wonderful island saxophonist in the picture. She put up with me suggesting she play her precious sax in the ocean surf.

More tk….


From South Africa to Santa Fe to Saint Lucia

Jun 10

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Doing a few teaching stints this summer in far flung places. In late June, head for the first time to So. Africa, and do seminars in Capetown and Johannesburg. Really excited. I have been to Africa numerous times, but never to the south, and I’ve alway been told amazing things about the beauty that abounds down there. Here’s a link discussing the trip, and the events. Hats off to Nikon South Africa for doing all the logistics and staging for the events! Read the rest of this entry »

Gotta Love Europe!

Sep 28

In Upcoming Events at 4:37am

Very honored to have two shows going up this fall in Europe, in Copenhagen and then later in Stockholm, at festivals called Fotomassan. The organizers just sent me the notices about the show, and their choice of a select from the group of images that will be displayed.

Needless to say, it’s been my experience that over in Europe they’re, well, a little more blase’ than we are here in the States about showing human architecture. Which of course is one of the specialties of the wonderful dance group, Pilobolus. Really have fond memories of working with them, and trying to show the marvelous constructs they can make onstage, just by using their amazing, articulate bodies.

I really pushed to include them in a story I did for Nat Geo about human performance, which was largely a celebration of the athletic body. How fast, how high, how far we can push the human form were the central questions of the story. But, I argued for including dance in the coverage, submitting to the editors for their consideration the notion that the artistic expression of the human body found in the world of dance was profound and significant. I can’t recall if they agreed or not. I think I just went ahead and did it anyway.

It also brought me full circle, in a way. Very early in my career, I had the privilege of working with Moses Pendleton, one of the co-founders of Pilobolus. and now the creative director of Momix. He was whimsical, gifted and spontaneously creative in front of the lens.

The world of dance remains such a wonderful partner to the camera. More tk….