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From Here to There…

Feb 28

In Travels, Upcoming Events at 11:42am



Travel is a wonderful thing. I walked out of my house, where we can barely see the lamp post in the walkway, got into a fast moving metal cylinder, and got deposited, roughly, in the desert, where we did a production shot yesterday. Vegas, here we are again.

A change of scenery wasn’t the cause of the trip, though it was welcome. I’m down here for the WPPI Convention, and actually have a role to play, even though I am not a wedding shooter of any note whatsoever. I’m very honored to be giving the keynote address to the convention on Tuesday night. It’s a wonderful turn of events for us here at the studio, and I’m very thankful to Lauren Wendle, Jason Groupp, and the whole gang at PDN/WPPI for making it happen.

Also doing a photowalk, the first sort of formalized photo walk I have ever conducted. (I say formalized, as in planned. My whole life has actually been a photo walk. Meander might be a better term. A stumble? Certainly, here and there, mixed in with the occasional pratfall and full out sprints. I digress.) Here’s the link. It will be early morning on Tuesday, and we will walk, slowly, and see what this city of neon looks like in the morning light.

I’ll be lecturing for Nikon, and hanging with my blessedly inappropriate brother in photographic mayhem, Mike Corrado at the Nikon booth, #721. Again, very honored to be a speaker there, in the midst of a group of extraordinary wedding shooters. I’ll be doing live demo, light and fast, with a bride and Speedlights. Yikes!

slide show 301

I’ll also be over at the Profoto booth, showing some examples of work I’ve done lately with Profoto flash, in particular the B1, which is an astounding light.


The big guy will be there, Jeff Snyder and the crew from Adorama. They are in booth #527 in the main hall, so please come by and say hi.

It’s a reunion of sorts. David Vaskevitch and the whole Mylio gang will be there, demonstrating this remarkable piece of software. Literally, the whole time line of my life in pictures is migrating onto Mylio, and it’s been a fun and revelatory process for me after all these years of shooting. Organization! What a concept!

Screen Shot 2015-02-28 at 8.29.21 AM

The Kelby folks will be there, with Scott, RC Concepcion and crew teaching shooting skills and post production.

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Prague and Vienna

Apr 23

In Seminars & Workshops, Travels at 4:59am

This past week on the Charles Bridge in Prague, I touched this image, below the statue of St. John Nepomuk. They say, if you touch this icon, you will return to Prague. I certainly hope so.

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Cuban Windows

Apr 3

In Travels at 5:26am

Dancer by a window, Havana……

Nikon DF camera, 1/25th sec; f4; ISO 400; 24-120mm lens.

Cuban Cowboy, by a farmhouse window….Nikon DF camera; 1/50th sec; f3.5; ISO 100; 28mm f1.4 lens.

GPP.. Through the Eyes of the Lost Boys

Mar 27

In Travels at 8:35am

Cali and Jon here from the studio..

With another amazing GPP event looming in Singapore, Joe asked us younger shooters in the studio to comment on what the annual workshop has meant to us.


The crew has recently arrived back to the ranch after a lengthy, yet thrilling month and a half on the road.  I mentioned the crew’s return home, however, Joe’s schedule continued him onward to the marvelous city of Havana, Cuba.  At the end of each year, we look back at the previous 12 months and laugh about the crazed schedule endured by all.  It’s only nearing the beginning of April, and we’ve already had a few of those laughs this year.  I’m incredibly fortunate to have traveled the world as much as I have at 24 years old.  With regular trips to Europe (London; Birmingham; Germany; Prague & Vienna next month), the Middle East (Dubai; Qatar), South Africa (Cape Town; Johannesburg; Kruger), St. Lucia, and Asia (Singpore & Hong Kong this year), I invariably believe that I’m stuck in some sort of alternate reality.

Although we find ourselves exceptionally busy a great deal of the time, we still find it within ourselves to enjoy the travels and friendships that have been so graciously planted in front of us.  One particular trip that engulfs all the positivity mentioned is our annual trek to Dubai.  Gulf Photo Plus hosts a wonderfully beneficial series of photography workshops in the Middle East.. the biggest of its kind.  It’s a rare occurrence when so many of the top names in the photographic industry are in the same place at the same time, and GPP is one of those unique exceptions.

This most recent trip I made was my third Joe workshop with GPP, and I’ve watched the program grow tremendously year after year.  Having thought about how fast time has gone, since I first visited, and how much I’ve grown since, I am absolutely baffled.  Walking in the doors of the workshop for the first time, I was nothing more than an overly nervous, newly appointed second assistant.  When you’re placed in front of such raw talent, the only thing going through the mind is “remember to keep your mouth shut, and when spoken to, try not to say anything stupid.”  Although everyone is completely gracious and sympathetic, there was a perfectly normal, yet constant sense of feeling star struck.  Now that I find myself as Joe’s first assistant, and having worked in Dubai several times, my levels confidence and maturity have exceedingly developed, since my start with Joe McNally Photography.  As I grow older, and develop more into my role as Joe’s right hand man, my priorities have shifted dramatically (in a positive manner that is). However, experiences such as GPP allow you to sit back, forever humbled by the sheer love and joy shown by unbelievably hard working photographers.  I understand how lucky I am to sit where I sit, at such young age, and I’ve come to greatly respect those who have gone before.. handing down their passion of the craft.  For that, I am thankful.

I also find myself extremely proud of our newly appointed second assistant (I say new.. but he’s been here for almost a year now).  Due to all of his hard work in the studio, Jon was asked to join us in Dubai this year!  Having gone through the same experience with our former assistant Drew Gurian, I was just as excited for him to see this new world.




As the newcomer to Joe’s studio, this was my first year attending Gulf Photo Plus. I’ve heard plenty of stories about all that GPP and Dubai has to offer, so the anticipation had been building for months prior to the trip. Plus, this was my first international adventure with Joe and Cali, so the term ecstatic (and scared shitless) doesn’t nearly begin to describe what I was feeling. Needless to say, I was not disappointed.

My week was largely spent soaking in the bottomless pools of inspiration left by the ridiculous line up of instructors Mo and Hala brought in. It was such an honor and a privilege to spend time with photographers I’ve admired for years. I also had my eyes opened to some extremely talented younger photographers, whom I now consider great friends. I look forward to following their careers, as they continue to make some serious waves in their parts of the world. The overwhelming measure of passion for their art, as well as the desire to spread their knowledge and grow the industry, was undeniable and immensely motivational.

In addition to sharing quality time with the instructors, I had the opportunity to bond with the incredibly diverse student body, from all corners of the globe. I thoroughly enjoyed hearing about their backgrounds and cultures, over the course of the week. It was so encouraging to see such a variety of ages and occupations, joined together in their dedication to learn and expand their proficiency in the world of photography.

I suppose there was some “work” involved as well, but when your boss is Joe McNally, there is rarely a dull moment. Every hour on the clock is further education in the school of life and the ever rewarding craft of photography. I can’t thank Joe enough for bringing me along and for everything that he’s done for me in my first 9 months at the studio. It is safe to say that I have never had the pleasure of experiencing anything quite like GPP and probably won’t again until I go back next year!


All in all, we cannot recommend experiences such as GPP enough, especially to the younger crowd.  If you find yourself so in love with a craft like photography, take that ambition and run with it.

Visual Notes, Cuba

Mar 26

In Travels at 6:57am

Just returning from Havana, where I taught at the behest of the Santa Fe Photo Workshops. I only took one DSLR with me, the newly minted Nikon DF, which proved to be the perfect, quiet, unobtrusive camera for the vibrant streets of that amazing city. Shot basically with one camera and one lens all week.

Exhausted boxer…..Nikon Df – 1/2000 sec;   f/7.1;   ISO 200;   28mm f1.4 lens.

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