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A Wonderful Teacher!

May 15

In Memories, Thanks at 6:37am

Every once in a great while, if you are lucky, during the course of your schooling, at any level of that schooling, you might intersect with a great teacher. And that teacher asks you questions, involves you, shapes your furious thoughts and aspirations, and calms the hubris of a young mind always teetering on the brink of the truly foolish action, like quitting the endeavor entirely. Good teachers open doors. They make sense of ramshackle, unformed thoughts. And by dint of their patience, and with the certainty of knowledge acquired over time, they allow the young student to become that which they might hope to be. Or, at least give it a shot. Read the rest of this entry »

Many Thanks, Dubai!

Mar 20

In Thanks at 3:47am

I was very fortunate and humbled on this latest trip to Dubai to have had a couple of extraordinary opportunities, among them to climb the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building. Above is an Iphone snap I sent out on Instagram. Below my feet is the area known as Downtown Dubai, a truly vibrant area of the city that has literally sprung up in just a few years. Way below me on the building is the observation decks of the Burj Khalifa, at level 124. 

Many thanks to the amazing crew at Gulf Photo Plus,  and of course to Mohamed Somji and Hala Salhi, two truly wonderful people who are passionate about pictures. Together, they run a workshop series called GPP that is always one of the highlights of the calendar, and the yearly reason I travel to Dubai. I stand in awe of the assembled talent of the group of photographers who teach there every year, and just happy to be included.

And a huge thank you to the staff at Emaar! Michelle, Lejla and Waseem, the folks who organized the behind the scenes moves to make the climb possible, were nothing short of amazing. As were Johnny and Mike, the two guys I climbed with. All the best, and my humble thanks to all.

More on this, obviously, tk….






And the Workroom was Quiet….

Dec 24

In Thanks at 10:26pm

Very thankful at the end of this long year. Snowing outside. Home with Annie. Cameras on the shelf for a couple days, and shutters are silent. Computers are shut down. No downloads, uploads, curves or layers.

Merry Christmas, and joy for the holidays. Wishing a safe and wonderful 2013 for all, and hopes for peace, and wonder, renewed, all over again. Our best to everyone! More tk….

Much to be Thankful for…..

Nov 22

In Friends, Fun, Thanks at 5:21am

This picture, despite the somewhat disastrous consequences for me, and my camera, when all 330 pounds of Nate Newton hit the water of the pool that I was actually in, floating sort of underneath the diving board, always brings a somewhat reflective, rueful, and at the same time thankful smile to my face. After all these years, and tons of really ridiculous sagas in the field, stemming from the alternately frustrating, fruitless, heartbreaking, satisfying, thrilling roller coaster of seeking to make a picture, I still have a camera to my eye. The adventure continues.

To all who occasionally stop by the blog, many many thanks. There is so much to be thankful for in this amazing world. And while the above is not exactly a “Thanksgiving Day” photo, to be sure, perhaps it will have a bit of resonance for all those who might be gathered around a table for a while today, and then gathered around a TV, engaged in the popular American mix of food, family, and football.

All the best to all….here’s to more leaping, bounding, splashing adventures still tk….

In Transit….and Many Thanks…

Apr 30

In Fun, Thanks at 7:33am

Flew home yesterday from Dusseldorf. 18 hours here, and then another plane (hope it’s really big and has lots of engines cuz it’s going over lots of water) to Sydney, and magical land of Aus. I had a blast down there during the Olympics and this is a return visit I’ve been looking forward to for a long time. Here’s a tour link for our itinerary down there.

But, before anything, I just have to thank the incredibly wonderful folks who came to Essen for this past weekend’s Nikon Solutions. The whole Nikon team did amazing stuff, but I really have to single out Yasuo Baba, of Nikon Germany. Where he gets the energy to do so much of the creative and logistical planning a huge event like this requires, I’ll never know.

Mostly, though, I have to thank the folks who came out to the expo. They were amazing and gracious, and made Annie and me feel so much at home. Throw in great beer, good coffee and lots of laughs, not to mention an elephant, Marco the amazing body builder, a ballerina, and a couple of wonderful models from the Czech Republic, and well, you’ve got a fun weekend, that’s for sure. Once again it was my honor to teach with all the shooters there, and of course my long time bud, sports shooting legend Bill Frakes. He had basketball players, rhythmic gymnasts, heavy weight lifters, you name it.

When you’re shooting live and stumbling around, essentially doing a location shoot in front of 400 plus people, you really feed off the participation and energy of the folks in the crowd. Once again, thanks to all who hung in there during some fun shoots…..all best, and Annie and I already can’t wait to return!

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