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Happy Thanksgiving to All!

Nov 27

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Even though Garfield is gone from the field of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade balloons, he evidently still retains his ranking amongst the favorites of all the years. Over on the MTV blog, he is listed as the number one most stylish float of all time. A natural, I imagine, given his legendary appetite.

It’s been many years since the parade floats drifted by my street. I had a tiny apartment on West 65th St. between Columbus and Central Park West, and if I went out and sat on my fire escape I could see them, bumbling their way south on the avenue.

I’m far afield this year, out of the country. But, many things to be thankful for this year. Best to all….more tk…


Last Week of the Show

Nov 17

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It’s been a wonderfully heady six weeks for the studio, to have our work up on the walls of the Monroe Gallery in Santa Fe. The show was reviewed well in the prestigious journal of the photography gallery world, Photograph. And lots of people stopped by the gallery. It’s been a terrific experience, from the search through older files to scanning and printing images that had not ever been printed before. My heartfelt thanks go out to Sid and Michelle Monroe, who initiated the idea of the show, curated it, and saw it become reality on the walls of their beautiful gallery.  

We made the quick video above while we were there, just to remember the way the pictures felt on the walls, and to acquaint folks with the gallery. It also offers thanks to the Nikon Ambassador Program, and to the Epson Corp. for their help in creating the opportunity for the show. Huge thanks to Mike Corrado and Mark Suban at Nikon, and Reed Hecht and Dano Steinhardt over at Epson.

To commemorate the show, we made a series of keepsake 8×10 prints. Foot Selfie and Coolpix Selfie (below) are signed and available at the gallery for $100. (info@monroegallery.com)


Often times, as a long standing freelance photographer, you feel like you are standing in one very long storm. Uncertainty, adversity, and setbacks can rain down on you fast and hard, like the drumbeat of rain on a tin roof. Occasionally, there’s a break in the clouds, such as a wonderful assignment that allows you to shoulder the cameras once again and go into the world. Or it can be a big job, one of those things that come in the door here and there that gets you through the winter and pays some bills. Other times it might just the grace and blessing of a good frame that you like, no matter if anyone else notices. This show was one of those wonderful breaks in the clouds, a shelter from the storm and a reassurance that the occasionally odd, perpetually stressful endeavor of seeking pictures for thirty years has been worth it.

My thanks to all involved in the show, in particular everybody at our little studio, who pitched in mightily to make it happen. Special thanks to Lynda Peckham who oversaw the printing, and made everything happen on time.

More tk…..





A Big Thank You (in the words of Lynn DelMastro)

Nov 3

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Hope everyone had a fun Halloween weekend! How best to say it in the photographic world, but through pictures! I had the extreme pleasure (okay, make that challenge) to produce two amazing Halloween themed photo shoots for Joe.

I have many people to thank! Starting with lots of love going out to Nikon for their incredible support of this project! And also to PPE 2014 who provided huge banners of the images at the Expo!

For the “Faerie in the Bedroom”…. thumbs up to my incredibly competent assistant producer, detail driven Treviana DelMastro (okay, the apple doesn’t fall far from the crazy tree). Our awesome photo assistants (who just happen to be easy on the eyes) Michael Cali & Jon Cospito. Also, Lynda Peckham, who shot BTS stills for the Bedroom. Special thanks to wildly gifted Andrew Tomasino who shot and edited our BTS videos.

Shout out to Judy Sillen, who provided a beautiful location home, and to the awesome prop stylist, Katherine Hammond who did a fantastic job dressing up the set, along with her assistant Ashley Naum. Our child model, Alexis was outfitted by classy wardrobe stylist Samantha Brown Peterson.

A huge thank you to the enormously talented Polly Wood-Holland who referred me to her colleague Dana Heffren who created the unbelievably stunning mural featured in the photo. Dana’s talent and skill set is beyond the moon.

Supreme body painter Anastasia Durasova and her incredibly talented colleague, Jha Villanueva together tirelessly painted the body of our gorgeous model Tanya. Also pro manicurist Elisa Ferri, and talented hair designer Jerome Cultrera created the birds nest hairstyle for Tanya, who was ultimately transformed to blend into the landscape of the mural as our stunningly evil Faerie.

Ah, and the “Trees in the Forest”……. now there’s a bit of Joe’s imagination that went straight to crazyland……. Once we got to the shoot day, our basic support crew played a huge role, as we had Trevi, Cali, Jon, Andrew & Samantha back in the game, in addition to our fabulous summer intern, Carly Tumen. For this shoot, Anastasia and Jha had the additional help of skilled make-up artist Mickayla Pence. Together they worked non-stop with our gorgeous models Minyoung Cheong and Marcela Melnic, along with hair stylist Shalom Sharon and his assistant Taylor Tedeschi to transform them to blend into the forest. Of course the added element of theatrical horror was provided by our child stars, Ava & Ben, who were absolute dreams to work with.

Naturally, none of this would result in the spectacular end image, if not for our reigning photo master supreme, Joe DMC (drive me crazy) McNally! Gotta love this guy’s imagination http://portfolio.joemcnally.com

Definitely check out the behind the scenes videos for both shoots:

The Bedroom:

The Forest:

A Photographer’s Gift To Their Family

Sep 1

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One of the single best things you can do as the resident photographer of your house is give back the gift of your skills to your family. Be the domestic documentarian.

This is what we can do, as shooters. It is a small thing to give back, considering the preponderance of annoying stuff that goes along with just having a photog in the family. We’re pains in the neck, right? Not to mention absolute hell on relationships. If you’re a wedding shooter, bye-bye weekends. Sports shooter? Ditto. And, if you’re a serious, serious sports shooter, say of football, so long Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s, potentially. If you explore the rock and roll scene, you stumble home at 3 am, sporting bloodshot eyes, with perhaps the whiff of reefer smoke picked up from the party hard crowd, only to slump in front of the computer and move your pictures.  And if you ever make it to shooting for the National Geographic, by certain estimations you have made it to the mountaintop of photography. And, what you may find, is that hard to attain peak can also be a graveyard for relationships . If you are a traveling sort of location photog, you miss lots of birthdays, first steps, and soccer games.

Photography is an endeavor that tries the patience of even the most forgiving spouse. We run when others stroll leisurely. We work while others party. We don’t buy advance tickets to grand shows or events for fear we might be on assignment and thus OOT. (Out of town.) When we call a potential subject, our first question is often, “What’s your schedule like?” To hell with our schedule. Our convenience, the mandates of our life, aren’t even on the table for consideration.

Thus, one of the very cool things any photog can do to tip the scales back even slightly in our favor is to be there to document the family’s life and times, such as your mother-in-law’s surprise 80th birthday party.

Mrs. Cahill has been a wonderful, loving, mom to me. Nothing I wouldn’t do for the lady. She accepted me as Annie’s choice all those years ago, and that is an amazing gift, indeed. So it was a hoot planning a surprise party for her, and helping Annie and her sisters, Nancy and Teresa, orchestrate all the energy, subterfuge, and back alley arranging this required. We even had Pietro and his staff, at Terra Sole, our favorite restaurant, ever, in on the deal. 

It was fun to do, despite the fact that I had to lie through my teeth to her. After all was said and done, I told Annie we both have to go to confession, big time. At one point, I was arranging things with mom, on the phone, and Annie was scribbling post-its and popping them in front of me. “Say this!” “Don’t say that!” “Say you are making a lunch party for me and she has to come!” I was lucky I didn’t end up that conversation with post-its all over my face. All the shenanigans worked!

Mom was completely floored, and Annie and I did our best to document the shock and then the flood of good wishes. Her friends were there, some from as far back as nursing school. She hadn’t seen some of them in as much as thirty years! Some of the ladies were in their upper 80’s. And, trust me, these gals knew a good party when they saw one. The room was buzzing.

Me? I was afraid mom was gonna be mad at me, so I stuck my face behind the camera and kept flashing, and looking busy. Didn’t really pose hardly any pix. Just shot and moved. Tried party pix with the #D810, and a bit of fill flash, and a 24-70. No light shapers, BTW. Straight up bounce through the diffuser dome. Manual on camera, TTL on flash. Worked out well. It was good to not have to think about it much, as I was so nervous mom was gonna read me the riot act.

(I woulda just blamed Annie and her sisters, for sure. Annie, Teresa and Nancy all worked hard to get this together. Which actually was another good example of how important pictures are to family life. Obviously the pix of mom Cahill’s early life and times were not made on pixels. Annie and Teresa culled the pictures, got scans done, and then Nancy, the resident artist of the family, started collaging like crazy.)

Now, we’ll make a nice album, which will be a simple keepsake for all concerned. And a remembrance, a sort of forgiveness, if you will, the next time I step forward and say, sorry, can’t be home this weekend.  Charlotte, the newest addition to the family, below in mom’s arms, will have pictures of her self and her great grandmother. Which is very cool. 

Happy birthday, mom!

More tk……

Happy New Year!

Jan 1

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Best to all for the coming year. And many thanks to readers who have dropped by the blog from time to time. Looking forward to more adventures in 2014! This is a super quiet week here around the studio, as we gear up and try our best to lurch forward into the new calendar. I’ll kick start the blog in the next few days, and we’ll be off once again, chasing pictures and pixels. Hope everyone has a safe, wonderful start to 2014, and best to all, as always!!!

More tk…