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In the News…Lighting In Vancouver

Jan 20

In Seminars & Workshops at 6:55am

In February, heading back to one of my favorite places to shoot, Vancouver, Canada. I’ll be up there for a week, and teaching a wide array of flash techniques, both in seminar style classes and one and two day intensive workshops. Hit this link for full info.

It’ll be a hoot. I reunite with some of my favorite models, and favorite photo community folks, such as the dramatically beautiful Shazmin, shot here with just one light.

Also get a chance to work again with friend and local Vancouver shooter, Syx Langemann. Syx is something of a legend up there in Vancouver, and I always enjoy the collaboration. It’s also a chance to update their family photo.

One of Syx’s specialties has always been nudes, dance, and figure studies, and he and Taryn actually met on such a shoot. So, in keeping with that tradition, I photographed the two of them when Taryn was pregnant with their first. They have two kids now, so time for a new portrait this year.

Vancouver remains a wonderfully vibrant and creative photo community, and I always learn a great deal whenever I am there. It’s a chance to experiment, teach, and shoot in a great city, and one that actually has decent weather in February. (Well, compared to Connecticut.)

The workshops are produced and staged by Marc Koegel and the Vancouver Photo Workshops group. Also a big shout out to Amanda Mohammed and the whole crew at Nikon Canada for helping us get this going!

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Prague and Vienna in the Spring!

Dec 10

In Seminars & Workshops at 12:30pm

Two amazing cities, at one of the best times of the year. I have great memories of both places, and am very anxious to visit again. Our mission will be to walk, talk and see pictures. All manner of camera work will be discussed, including street photography, lens use, finding good light, night shooting, off camera flash on the fly, and then of course, downloading and critiques. All done in a couple of the most beautiful cities in the world. Here’s the link. 

The two city adventure will be helmed by the irrepressible Liza Politi, an award winning producer, film maker and organizational force of nature. Given her arranging and inspired direction, our days will be filled with visual possibilities. Not to mention days and evenings of photo chatter and bonding in the legendary coffee houses, restaurants, and, uh, beer halls of these wonderful European destinations. Once again, check it out here.

A great escape for the spring! More tk….

Traveling Light to Mexico!

Sep 10

In Seminars & Workshops at 4:31am

This fall, I head to Mexico twice. First stop is San Miguel, an idyllic place to learn about and experience light. Staged by the Santa Fe Photo Workshops, this will be one of those weeks, working on the fly, unencumbered by lots of gear. Beautiful place, beautiful models, shot with small flash. It’s called Traveling Light, Lighting Well, and the dates are Oct. 13-18, 2013, coming up soon.

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Scenes from a Pre-Con

Sep 7

In News, Seminars & Workshops at 11:56am

First off, many thanks to the Kelby clan for inviting me to Vegas to teach at PhotoShop World. It was a hoot of a week. I’ve been doing my own “pre-con,” during the last couple of gatherings of the PhotoShop tribes, and they, too, have been fun, and hopefully, informative.

This one was special, in the sense we had several astonishing performers who regularly appear in Cirque du Soleil shows in LV as our subjects. These supremely gifted artists are a magnet for the camera and the imagination. We also had the amazing Drew Moore, a character actor out of LA, who offered his considerable presence and baleful “tough guy” stare to the proceedings.

In the above, I purposely chose a tough backdrop in bright sun, with a blaring Budget Rental truck in the parking lot. In bright sun, at f16, the truck is especially obnoxious, so I showed the class how to minimize that distraction via the technique of high speed sync flash, with one SB-910, a D4 and a fast 28, shot at 1/8000th at f1.4. With that combo, the truck recedes in importance.

Performers flipped, flew and leaped for us all day long. Much of the arranging was thanks to Adam Silversmith, a Vegas based shooter, who works with the Cirque folks a great deal. Kudos to Adam for lining up spectacular subjects!

We also had a huge assist from Jan Lederman, and Jason Friedman of MacGroup USA, who charged down to Vegas with new developments in flash photography to show the class. On a couple of sets, we used Bowens flash units, which have amazing electronics, and we had a steady light set going with Limelight, the Bowens line of constant light sources. Both sets were hugely popular, and the cast and crew had access to the latest innovations in different styles of lights.

The heavy lifting of building all the sets and the light fell to Cali, and Jon Cospito in our studio, ably supported by my friend and fellow photog, MD Welch, the magnificent madman of Reno. He threw a tank of gas in his truck and bombed down out of the desert (“on the roads it was a white line nightmare”) to help us out. The pix in this blog are courtesy of the aforementioned gentlemen.

Add to the mix the great location of Shine Alternative Fitness in LV, and we had an amazing day. Thanks to all the performers, participants and crew! More tk….

GPP Pops Up in London!

Jul 25

In Seminars & Workshops at 8:14am

Really looking forward to a short, wonderful trip to London this September for the GPP Pop Up with three colleagues I value and respect enormously, Greg Heisler, David Hobby, and Zack Arias. For two days, in a couple of venues, the four of us ping around the compass of shooting, lighting, adapting and surviving in this business. Greg goes high end, and opens up the door to his prodigious noodle and shows you the why and how of the way he imagines light. Zack goes DIY as only he can. I keep it small with just a couple of speed lights and ad hoc live shooting of portrait subjects I find in the audience. And David steps outside the box to talk about taking all the technique and creating an ecosystem for yourself as a photographer that you can manage and thrive in.

Best thing for me, is when I don’t teach, I’m in one of these guys’ classes with a notebook. And another best thing–London is one of the most amazing cites to be in, ever. I went to photo school there for six months, talked my way onto a fishing trawler and put into the North Sea (in November) for a couple weeks, shot a FedEx campaign there, and lived on the Isle of Dogs for National Geographic for 17 weeks. Yep, you guessed it–I’ve logged lots of pub time in England. When I lived in the East End for that stretch, all while London Docklands was being built, my local was the Tooke Arms, where the bartender would simply, without being asked, put a pint of Ruddles on the counter as soon as I walked in.

The way the GPP Pop Up is designed maximizes learning and variety, in short amount of time. Each class is focused, and different from each other. And, did I mention it’s in London? It’s a city I can never get enough of, and of course now, we’ll be there in the wake of the entire UK being gobsmacked by a cuddly new royal. And, I’m dropping this blog now, as a reminder, as you can get an early bird discount on the whole shebang if you act before July 31. So now’s the time to say, as DH mentioned over at Strobist, “Hey honey, summer’s over, tickets are cheaper, the weather’s great, how about London for a week? Oh, and look there’s this thing about photography and it’s only a couple days! Right in downtown! Just a hop, skip and a jump to Harrods!”

London’s calling……more tk…..