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A Scottish Seminar!

Jul 27

In Seminars & Workshops at 9:29am

Really looking forward to Scotland in September. Annie and I did part of our honeymoon there, just outside of Edinburgh, which we found to be one of the great “walk around” cities ever. Happy to be going back.

s.Iceland Workshop 2010_0554 copy

Doing a week long shooting/lighting workshop with the estimable Liza Politi, Sept. 6-13, but, prior to that workshop, on Sept. 4th, we have a one day flash seminar staging at the Apex Hotel in downtown Edinburgh. Hit this link for details. It will be the usual–pictures, Speedlights, live shoots, Q&A, and most likely, quite a few laughs along the way. I mean, I won’t be teaching the CLS system in the hysterically profane way Robin Williams explained the glorious Scottish game of golf , but, I’m sure there will be a pithy comment here and there during the day.

The day is described below…

Joe McNally is thrilled to finally teach in Edinburgh! McNally will begin this very unique one-day lighting seminar with one basic Speedlight and quickly move through a series of scenarios, developing more sophisticated, off-camera lighting setups using multiple Speedlights as the day goes on. Emphasis will be placed on moving fast and using the intuitive capabilities of TTL wireless flash photography to create portraiture and beautifully lit scenes. The issue of successfully managing light will be up for discussion, as well as diffusing it, bouncing it and creating drama and shadows. The three main areas of using light are color, quality and direction, and all three will be shown and discussed during this seminar. We’ll have live models for the day, but McNally also pulls subjects from the crowd, which always results in lively exchanges and great fun! In addition to the images shot live, he will show examples of light and light theory, while engaging the audience in anongoing Q&A and offering tips, tricks, stories and survival strategies derived from 35 years of shooting.

Nikon UK will be on hand during the Joe McNally seminar with a table display to showcase the latest Nikon equipment and answer questions. PLUS Nikon will have a giveaway for each participant!

We’ll look at all manner of light from character lighting to beauty light, on stage, with every picture going straight to the screen for comment and discussion.



Again, here’s the link, and Scotland here we come! Many thanks as well to What’s On Edinburgh for the mention of the seminar day.

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PopUp! Flash! Seattle!

Jul 16

In Seminars & Workshops at 6:34am

So, here’s the skinny. Hobby, Arias and Heisler himself will be in Seattle, together, teaching all manner of photographic wizardry and skill sets, on Sept. 19th and 20th. Hit this link for all details. I’ll be there as well, for comic relief and to carry Greg’s bags, manage David’s twitter account (oh, to dream!) and convince Zack there’s nothing wrong with more than one light.

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 4.55.59 AM

My dear friends Mohamed Somji and Hala Salhi have built a world class photo oasis in the midst of the deserts of the UAE, in the topsy turvy city of Dubai. They are now extending their educational reach by literally, popping up GPP events all over the world.

Their signature event, the yearly Gulf Photo Plus, has been a mainstay on my photo calendar for years. The camaraderie, the excellence of the instructors, and the essential oddity of Dubai has always been a magnet. I mean, where else could you rope down the side of the world’s tallest building?


And then, literally, the same week, go out into the desert and shoot exotic fashion work?


And likewise, in terms of the Seattle PopUp, where else could I get to hang with these three intrepid, excellent photogs and teachers? Here’s the real deal, actually. David, Zack and I are all good guys, good teachers, etc. etc. All fine. Then, of course, there’s Heisler. Literally, the exception to every rule. I think it was David who had t-shirts made once that said something like, “It’s okay, I’m only here for Heisler.”

Which is an accurate sentiment. I would travel across the country to listen to Greg. When I teach at events he is at, my conduct is just this side of stalking. His photographic wisdom is endless, entertaining and the skills represented in his portraiture know no bounds. His 50 Portraits book is a compendium of some of the best portraiture done in photography, ever.

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 5.23.09 AM copy

The PopUp in Seattle promises to be fun. That area is a creative hotbed, and the photographic community there is passionate and talented, and the range of topics the four of us cover is wide indeed. Hit David H’s blog post for the full skinny, and reasons to attend.

September in Seattle!

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Back to the Desert

Feb 10

In Seminars & Workshops at 6:03am


Heading back to the perennially wonderful GPP, and the company of photogs from all over the world, not to mention some of the best instructor/photographers on the planet. It’s a visual festival, not only in the classes and the locations where we go to shoot, but just in the fact of Dubai itself, this odd erector set of glass and steel improbably springing from the eternal sands.

Hosted by dear friends Mohamed Somji and Hala Salhi, we convene first for Photo Friday, a non-stop swirl of short classes, with quick hits of information and discussion in bite sized dollops all day long. Then, the longer classes begin. Everything from Photoshop to wedding to fashion to editorial to lighting to night shooting, day shooting, and you name it kind of shooting. It is a huge week of instruction and camaraderie, pictures and tall tales, and of course, a beer at the end of the day with the favorite photo legend of your choice. David Hobby and I discussed a couple years ago that we would walk around in T-shirts that simply said, “It’s okay, I’m just here to meet Heisler, too.” This year the talent amassed is staggering, and makes me wish I could forgo teaching and just go to the classes.

This year, once again I concentrate on lighting, both a bit on the basic side and then on the decidedly advanced side. In my Fast Flash, Bodies in Flight class we concentrate on the problem of lighting athletic prowess effectively, both when the athlete in question is in motion, or repose. Last year we used a splash to good effect with a bicyclist.


We also take a day and try to do something truly aggressive, win, lose or draw, based on multiple flash pops, and motion.


We will take a day to investigate techniques involved in creating a picture like the below.


Also teaching a class that looks under the hood of simple, small flash, with the emphasis on speed and quality. Portraiture nicely done, but done fast, with small amounts of gear. Called Exploring Small Lights, we go after wringing the most quality we can out of the small flash in your bag.


And then, in between, while I’ve been there, I’ve managed to take a picture of my worn out boots which found their way to an unusual place. I’m still wearing them.


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Shaping Light in Shanghai!

Sep 19

In Lighting, Seminars & Workshops at 8:18am

Very happy to report I’ll be going back to an amazing city, Shanghai, this fall, and working once again with peerless wedding shooter Louis Pang. The two of us have always taught well together, taking different paths to a picture, and using skill sets that complement each other well. Louis of course is the master of the wedding, orchestrating and posing people in wonderful fashion. Me? Well, I’ll be engaging once again in a bit of hopefully creative mayhem with speed lights.

I’ve always loved shooting in Shanghai, which is one of the most vibrant places on earth. Louis and I will be teaching there from November 19th through the 23rd.  Here’s the schedule and links to the workshops and seminars offered..



Here’s just a few shots I’ve done in Shanghai over the years, and I’m excited to head back to teach!

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Studio Lighting in NYC!

Sep 8

In Seminars & Workshops at 8:30am

The week of PhotoPlus Expo, which just happens to fall during Halloween this year, promises to be busy. I’m collaborating with long time colleagues at Adorama to stage two straight days of studio lighting workshops, immediately prior to the PPE blowout at the Javits Center.

Here’s the link. We’ll amass a lot of resources, showing off Profoto studio and location systems, as well as speed lights. We’ll have models, manufacturers, demos, and hands on experience shooting for all participants. Gonna be a hoot, and a very rich, busy couple of days investigating lighting strategies and techniques. Any questions you might have you can email, or

We’ve rented the gorgeous spaces of Tribeca Skyline Studios–the whole joint is ours to play with. There will be multiple setups, with expert staff at each one to guide participants through the thicket of both the technical aspects of the lights and shapers, but also the staging and working of a shot.

So again, here’s the link. It just got announced on the Adorama site last week and half the spaces are already gone, so if you are interested in this, best to make the call sooner rather than later. Can’t wait…lighting in my home town.


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