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Don’t You Worry About Your Car, Sir! We’ll Just Have Harley Here Take a Look! Meanwhile, You Can Use “The Loaner!”

Jun 23

In Lighting at 11:03am


Maybe I read too many Johnny Torch comics when I was a kid. But I always wanted to try a shot like this,  with two oxy-acetelyne torches wielded by a wild man mechanic in a fantastical, down home garage. Would have been much harder a number of years ago, but with the technology we have now, with radio controlled strobes and the resolution of a Nikon D810, which this was shot on, it’s, well, I won’t say it’s easy, but it sure is fun. Read the rest of this entry »

The Nikon Wedding Truck, BTS

Jun 15

In Jobs, Lighting at 4:40am


Early am, on Thursday, June 4th, the truck sat at Fast Ashley’s Studios in Brooklyn. We had staged it there to prep and prop the empty, 20′ box truck as a studio on wheels. It was not without its challenges.

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The Nikon Wedding Truck Rolled Into NYC Last Week

Jun 9

In In The Field, Jobs, Lighting at 8:19am

Dawn on June 4th…..over the East River and into Manhattan, and the NYC Wedding Bureau.


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A Quick Lighting Build in Times Square

May 12

In Lighting at 12:17pm

Changing the light bulbs on the coke sign in Times Square

Ah, the crossroads of the world, Times Square, New York City. Neon blares, thespians tread on venerably historic stages, with fashions, movies, and the cult of celebrity all shining brightly outside. It’s really the only place I’ve been where your shutter speeds at night need to be faster than they are on some days. It’s a whirlygig of lit up pop culture, where in the space of a half a block or so, you can quite literally bump into hundreds of rushing people, and likely hear about a dozen different languages, intermingled with the usual, distinctively gruff New Yorkese. And all this jostling occurs…safely. Read the rest of this entry »

A Lighting Build for a Boxer

Apr 27

In Lighting at 7:13am


We kind of all know where to put the light by now, at least mostly. Well, some of the time, anyway. Basic lighting info is all over the internet, some of it good, some of it bad or just indifferent. It’s pretty ubiquitous, to the point of being monotonous, such as the axiom of “If you move the light closer to your subject it will appear softer.” There’s so much of this out there you might actually begin to think it’s important, like the kind of important that shows up on the nightly newscast. Read the rest of this entry »