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Fashion! NYC! TTL!

Jul 6

In Jobs, Lighting, Links at 8:45am

Profoto B1 and B2 - Bath House - NYC

We photogs are known to lavish attention on our gear, and ascribe to it virtually human qualities. “That’s a beautiful lens.” “That soft box makes gorgeous light.” Descriptions can be fevered, bordering on irrational, occasionally. I am guilty of this, just as almost everyone is who has labored as a photographer. At the end of the day, though, the things we use are tools, and like any job, you hopefully choose appropriately. Small, light and fast is often the mantra of an assignment. Very occasionally we get called on to do a heavier production job, and that requires a different set of tools. Like bigger, more powerful flash units. On certain jobs, let’s face it, size matters.

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The Nikon Wedding Truck, BTS

Jun 15

In Jobs, Lighting at 4:40am


Early am, on Thursday, June 4th, the truck sat at Fast Ashley’s Studios in Brooklyn. We had staged it there to prep and prop the empty, 20′ box truck as a studio on wheels. It was not without its challenges.

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The Nikon Wedding Truck Rolled Into NYC Last Week

Jun 9

In In The Field, Jobs, Lighting at 8:19am

Dawn on June 4th…..over the East River and into Manhattan, and the NYC Wedding Bureau.


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Back to China

May 19

In In The Field, Jobs at 5:06am

SI_Beijing_001 copy

Returning to Beijing this week, one of the more resolutely fascinating cities I have ever been to. Been there many times, though it is far too large, too energetic, and too rapidly tilting and shifting for me to claim to know it well. Like a runway fashion model who quickly strips off behind the curtains and then reappears onstage in a blink as a totally different creation, Beijing is continuously surprising. I am fortunate to have great clients there, and they have assigned me to many a wonderful wander with a camera. Read the rest of this entry »

A Tripod in the Desert!

May 4

In Gear, In The Field, Jobs at 4:41am


I’m a perennial idea recycler. I’ve had picture notions rattling around in my head for years that have never met the click of a shutter. They’re the things in the attic of my head that go bump in the night, the meandering pinballs I try not to lose in the drain and keep frantically flipping up into the bumpers (otherwise known as clients) that might occasionally ring a bell, or sound a siren, and thus get done. Read the rest of this entry »