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Archive for November, 2013

Small Business Cyber Sale!

Nov 29

In Sale! at 4:55pm

Did a blog earlier this week about all the hoohah associated with Cyber Weekends. And, like everyone else, I’ve been inundated with Black Friday stuff. Made the mistake of driving today, which was akin to being in a highly congested demolition derby. Lots of people going to big box stores and the like.

Big, we ain’t. So it’s a welcome thing, this Small Business Saturday initiative. We qualify! We have precisely one product of any significance, and it’s on sale. The download version of the Language of Light video, a well reviewed instructional in small flash, is on sale for $79.99, until Midnight Monday. Just go to this link, which is the download link.  Then, hit “Add to Order.” Insert this code: LOL79. And voila, you get the sale price. Until Midnight Monday.

You should get a screen that looks like this. Put in your info, and download. Done deal.

Our contribution to the mayhem. More tk…

In The Spirit of the Season…..

Nov 27

In Gear, News at 8:58am

Today’s post is about….shopping.

Just think about the latter part of this week, when lots and lots of folks, freshly fueled by the consumption a large, flightless bird, stuffed with a nearly lethal mix of bread, spices, sausage, amphetamines, and Ripped Muscle X Factor, head for the malls. Their congenial, green, family car has been retrofitted to be menacing enough to suit that well know warrior of the wasteland, the Lord Humungus. I’m thinking some sort of scythe-like snowplow blade, enough armor to put a Humvee to shame, and a port in the back to drop buckets of nails on the tarmac, should someone in a competitor vehicle be angling for that object of desire, a prime parking spot at the mall. The car rumbles to life in the garage, and instead of the sprightly cry of, “Let’s go shopping, kids!” the mom, sitting in the navigational seat, with traffic pattern screens glowing in front of her, kitted out for all the world like she’s going to roller derby practice, says simply, ala Joan Allen in Death Race, “Release the dreadnaught!”

And all that happens before you even get into the stores.

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Gentle Giant

Nov 21

In history at 4:08pm

Pursuant to the earlier post this week, about trying to craft a coherent portfolio out of the flotsam and jetsam of a lengthy career, there is another layer to all of it. Your pictures, portfolio quality or not, become one of the more elaborate scrapbooks anyone could hope to have. That’s what happens when you have a job that requires you to photographically notate the people you’ve met and places you’ve been. Well known folks have a habit of popping up in the news now and then, so downstream of your photographic intersection with them you might notice when they do this or that. I don’t lay claim to really “know” many of the people I’ve photographed over the years. But, they are, in a real, albeit odd way, a bit of an extended family. Read the rest of this entry »

Wonderful Machine Portfolio

Nov 18

In Thoughts at 11:10am

After 35 years of doing this, how do you sort out a portfolio? It’s beyond my ken, really. Especially after having spent most of my time pursuing a generalist bent, to say my work is all over the lot would be kind. A more accurate description might be that my physical files, not to mention the file cabinet of my head, are a bit like a nightmare basement straight out of Hoarders.

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Required Reading

Nov 13

In Books at 7:55am

Greg Heisler and I grew up into the uncertain profession of taking pictures for magazines about the same time. Which was wonderful, as you could watch his extraordinary talents literally change the face of magazine portraiture and the use of color right then and there, in real time.  And not so wonderful, like when you would be called into a meeting with the creatives at a mag and they would throw one of his recent triumphs down on a table in front of you and say, “We want our pictures to look like this.” Gulp. Read the rest of this entry »