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Archive for May, 2013

On the Beach

May 13

In Fun at 7:47am

It was a hot day yesterday on the beaches of LA, so it was worth it to bring a watermelon, no matter how far you had to roll it. More tk….

Amazing Faces, Gracious People

May 2

In Travels at 12:29am


Just a quick note fromĀ NIPHEC, in Lagos, Nigeria, which is definitely a whirling dervish of a city. There is an amazing energy here in the burgeoning photographic community. Fly home on Friday to an assignment in DC this weekend, and then Denver, and, by the end of next week, I’ll be teaching at the Julia Dean Workshops in LA for the first time. Lagos to DC to Denver to LA–that’ll be a bit of a head spin.

For the technically inclined, Udoka is facing off with a new Lastolite umbrella box, which has a really deep parabola shape. I’ve stuck a ratcheting Tri-flash in it, and then caught a little glimmer of the light for the back of her orange scarf with a gold, reflective version of a Tri-flip, which is just a really handy relfector/diffuser that pretty much goes with us everywhere.

More tk….