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Archive for September, 2011

The McNally Gear Sale!

Sep 27

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UPDATE: Most items are in the process of being sold, and as soon as orders go through, each item posted here will be updated.  If you have made an offer, but haven’t heard back, hang in there.  If a sale doesn’t go through, there’s still a chance of getting an item- but we will be in touch with you if this is the case.

Hey guys,

Drew here.  You can only begin to imagine the amount of photo gear Joe’s collected over the it’s time to let a few things go, and hopefully some of you can get some great use out of Joe’s old (or new) gear.

Some is basically brand new, and has never been touched, and other gear has been out on the road for some time.  We priced everything based on web prices we’ve researched and averaged- then in most cases, went a bit below, as to make these a bit more enticing.  Everything listed here is in good, working order, and has been tested- though a few have minor issues, which are listed below.

Being that we have a pretty sizable community here, it seems as though doing this here on our blog makes the most sense.


  • Any and all questions should be asked in the form of a blog comment.  Emails should be reserved solely for those interested in purchasing an item.  This makes it much easier to keep track of inquiries, and ensures that we’ll get back to you in a timely manner.
  • If you’d like to purchase an item, please send an email to  The subject line MUST read the item # and name (“2- Nikon 20mm f/ 2.8″).  The body of the email should just list the price you’re offering, followed by your name and phone #. ($600, Mike Cali, 858-555-1212).
  • We’re doing our best not to treat this like an auction, as we think the prices we’ve set are very fair, and in-line with the current value.  However, if you’d like to make a reasonable offer on any piece of gear, you’re obviously welcome to do so.  If a price listed isn’t met, but we receive a high enough price to sell the item, whoever submits the highest offer gets the item.
  • Once someone submits an offer that is the same as what we’ve listed on the blog, and the sale is processed, the item will be updated/removed from the blog post.
  • If we don’t sell a particular item within 7-10 days, whoever submits the highest offer gets the item.  However, If we don’t get an offer that deems a sale to be worthwhile, we reserve the right to not sell any item.
  • ALL shipping will be done through FedEx (it’s what we use and trust), and buyer pays shipping and insurance (which is recommended).  We’re not responsible for any damage that may incur en route, so insuring a package for it’s declared value is essential.
  • You must have a FedEx account #, which can be set up very easily on their website.
  • NO international sales will be accepted.  Hate to have to do this, but it adds a whole lot more work on our end to be able to pull that off, so we unfortunately can’t do it.
  • Payments must be made in full before we ship out any item, and will be processed through PayPal- with confirmed addresses ONLY.  The buyer will be contacted with payment info.
  • All sales are final.

1- Nikon 18mm f/ 2.8 – $600.00 – SOLD
Some cosmetic wear, minor scuffing around rim of lens – overall good condition – no box

2- Nikon 20mm f/ 2.8 – $280.00 – SOLD
Comes with lens hood – a few tiny scuffs on the front element (along with a small speck on the rear element) – little cosmetic wear and tear – no box

3- Nikon 35mm f/ 2.0 – $180.00 – SOLD
Cosmetic wear on the body and around the outside of the front element (not on glass).  Focusing works fine, but AF motor makes noise when focusing close. – no box

4- Nikon 50mm f/ 1.4 – $250.00 – SOLD
Good condition – little wear on the body – no box

5- Nikon 18-105mm f/3.5-5.6 – $200.00 – SOLD
Great condition – Very little to no use – no box

6- Olympus 500mm mirror – $110.00 – SOLD
Good condition – very minimal wear on the body – no box

7- Nikon Coolpix s8000 (2) – $100.00 – SOLD (both)
Great condition – Very little to no use, though tiny scratch on each of the rear LCD’s – with box

8- Nikon sb400 (2) – $85.00 – SOLD (both)
Great condition – Very little to no use – with box

9- Nikon sb600 (4) – $180.00 – SOLD (all four)
Great condition – Very little to no use – two with box, two without box

10- Nikon sb800 w/ (3) – $320.00 – SOLD (all three)
Good working order – Have seen their use in the field – Some cosmetic wear – no box

11- Nikon SD-8a battery pack (3) – $80.00 – SOLD (all three)
Good working order – Have seen their use in the field, but always covered with the case – no box

12- Epson Powerlite 6110i Projector with Lightware Travel Case and brand new extra bulb – $1,900.00
Great Condition- Very little use – no signs of wear – comes with box, remote, and all cords – with box

Beijing to Alcatraz

Sep 20

In Seminars & Workshops at 6:38pm

When my friend D calls me up and says things like, “Hey, I just shaved my head, you wanna shoot me?” I just generally say yes. She had a part as a POW in an indie film, so during a recent stint in Santa Fe, I shot her at, well, I guess you’d have to say, my favorite penitentiary, in New Mexico. (It’s such a weird life, being a photog.)

But, I’ve never had a chance to visit Alcatraz. So, at the behest of Nikon West Coast, I’m heading there next week to do a lighting workshop. Nikon’s Jeff Mitchell, out in California, proposed it a while back, and I jumped at the idea. We’ll be out there at night, which is very cool.

That’s on Tuesday, Sept. 27th. On Wednesday, I linger in San Francisco, and give a couple informal lectures and demos in a small, 40 person studio setting. Call (650) 327-8996 for details….more tk….

China Update

Sep 19

In In The Field, Rambling at 6:28pm

Have, as always, received a warm and gracious welcome from everyone I’ve met here in Beijing. The organizers of this project have put together a wonderful week for the photogs. In the field,  ups and downs, as always. Yesterday I climbed many, many hundreds of steps to get to this Buddha, carved into a hillside outside of Beijing. Having been shut down at other temples on the grounds, I was prepared to climb all that way and not get a frame. I tried to forestall that programming my D3S into “turbo” mode (a little known firmware adaptation….Joe make joke….)  got my EV set, and knelt down. I had 20 frames off before anybody could say, “Hey numnuts tourist!” But the lady in charge of this temple was disinterested, and went back to her comic book. So, it was just me and the big guy, and I kept shooting.

Long day in the field. There was a PR lady with us, who I guess was pretty effective, ’cause we didn’t have to pay to get into the temple park, but man, she wouldn’t shut up. Chinese is a beautifully expressive language, but when someone is that vehement, in close proximity burst mode, all day, their vocal cords thrumming like the engine on a Formula One car, man it gets tiring. It was like having my camera to my eye and a woodpecker attached to my temple.

But the big guy was kindly and patient with me, there in all his goldness. He was also, blessedly, silent. I thanked him for his serenity, and permission to shoot. More tk….

Going Forward

Sep 13

In Rambling at 9:01pm

Blog will be light this week as we dig ourselves out of a pretty sizable 911 project, and I head to China tomorrow. I did cover the opening ceremonies of New Jersey’s heartfelt and amazing memorial, Empty Sky.

The memorial is a simple, poignant architectural expression of the grief and sacrifice of  the 746 New Jerseyans who were lost on 911.  The twin slabs of concrete and polished steel lay on their sides, and are created in the same aspect ratio as the original towers. If you stand between the two, your sight line is directly at the former site of WTC. Simple, powerful and riveting architecture, the product of incredibly talented Jessica Jamroz, who won the international competition to design the memorial.

It’s funny how memories of 911 stick with you. As I looked through the lens to frame up this shot, which was the only decent picture I snapped all day, my attention was caught by the name Rick Rescorla. An employee of Morgan Stanley, who had warned all comers about the possibility of an airborne attack on the towers, he successfully shepherded most of MS’ employees to safety according to an evac plan he had devised and insisted they practice. He searched the floors, making sure people were gone, and distracted many from the immediacy of danger by singing inspirational songs into his bullhorn. He perished in the collapse of WTC-2. His remains have never been found. He is surely responsible for saving the lives of many that day.

The Faces of Ground Zero show is down, and stored again, with thanks again due to volunteers from FDNY. I’ll get caught up to some thoughts and feelings over the next couple of weeks of blogs. Many thanks as always for stopping by. Did the guest blog for Scott Kelby today, where I ruminate about a strange land beyond a yellow border. Head over there, if you have a moment, check it out. More tk….

Full Circle

Sep 8

In history at 7:54pm

I’ve often commented on how a photog’s life runs in circles, and there are pictures you make and people you work with that somehow, either stick with you, or you encounter again, many years after that first set of exposures. This weekend, there will be a small gathering of friends of the Ground Zero exhibit, with Tom Brokaw in attendance, and saying a few words. We both worked on the update of LIFE’s One Nation book, Tom writing the new forward, and me shooting the ten years later portraits. Not the first time we have ever gotten together.

Almost 30 years ago, we went to the top of Rockefeller Center, just when he was taking the reins of the NBC evening anchor chair. It was the opener for a cover story about Tom for People magazine. Good guy, knowledgeable journalist. And of course, in the distance….

More tk….