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Archive for October, 2009

“I’ll Light Ya For It….”

Oct 5

In Seminars & Workshops, Videos at 8:55am

So this Kelby guy walks into the locker room, see. He’s got a burger and fries. I’m in the middle of a shoot, but I’m hungry. Next thing you know…..

Had a blast at PhotoShop World. One cool thing…the world’s largest tattoo convention was right next door. Needless to say, it attracted a bit of a different audience than PSW. Drew and I did some quick Iphone scouting pix for future subjects. Amazing stuff..


I kept telling Moose Peterson he should go over and get a set of antlers done:-) No luck though…..More tk…..


Oct 1

In Friends, Seminars & Workshops at 10:11am

In Vegas for PhotoShop World. It’s cool. It dovetails with a current shooting project I have running to be here. Got in some chopper work the other night. Very lucky, cause the clouds, generally AWOL around here, were amazing. All that’s for next year.

Right now, humming with the energy of all the folks at PSW. There’s an amazing array of knowledge here. The amount and diversity of stuff going on and being taught is unreal. Matt Klowskowski, Dave Cross, Moose Peterson, Jay Maisel, Russell Brown– from shooting to post, it’s all here.

Speaking of good teachers, there’s always…..THE MAN WITH THE HAT


My bud Jerry Courvoisier just updated his website. Jerry’s one of those low key, patient guys. I know this cause he tolerates me. He doesn’t shout or jump up and down, he just knows. Somebody could walk in with their computer with all their images on it having just been run over by an 18 wheeler and all the smashed pieces are in a laundry basket, and Jerry will sit down with that person and say, okay, let’s see what we’ve got here, hmmmm….. (Jerry’s good at saying, hmmmmm.)

And before you know it, wire by wire, bit by byte, he’s got the person’s machine running again and they’re working their raw files. Calm, in a word, describes Jerry. Check out his website. He’s got a great Lightroom book, and he’s got a tour going with short, intensive, hands on Lightroom stuff. Chicago in October is next stop. And he teaches digital printmaking, at which he’s a master. Also, as you can see above, he’s a rakish, good looking guy. (I’m just saying that cause I took the picture and made him look better than he’s ever looked:-)


We shared dinner the other night, and I could barely eat from laughing so hard. RC’s, well, RC. He defines what it means to be a good teacher. Plus he’s a riot. (Question to RC….”What’s a website?” RC to questioner…..”Remember the photo album you had when you were a kid? The one you scotch taped all those pictures in? It’s like that…in the sky!”)

Plus, he’s an amazing shooter. He is married to one of my dear friends and all time amazing photo subjects, Jenn, a truly exceptional ballerina. Shot this of Jenn on a Tampa beach for a Kelby Training video.


Jenn, along with their daughter Sabie, is in front of RC’s lens quite often. He shot one of my favorite frames of all time, this one of Jenn on pointe, with little Sabie looking up at her.


Such trust, such wonder…in a photograph. Pictures like this, and talented folks like RC and the NAPP gang, are the reason it’s great to be here. The whole week…walking, talking, looking at and shooting pictures. It’s gonna be a great time. More tk….