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Drew Hits the Big Time….

Sep 9

In Links at 8:00am


Yep, Drew is the guest blogger today on Scott Kelby’s blog, which is definitely the bright lights and Broadway of the blogosphere. Very well done article, though Drew is typically modest about his accomplishments both as a shooter and here at the studio, where he is invaluable. Not only does he do the day to day grunt stuff, he’s also very forward thinking and technology oriented. For instance, the new look of our blog, website and our relationship with Livebooks is a direct result of Drew being proactive and looking down the road for the studio. Largely because of his presence, we are taking baby steps in the video direction. Real tentative right now, but learning a lot and having fun with it.

Not too long ago, he was drumming in a rock and roll band. Wisely, he’s abandoned that unstable lifestyle to adopt the lock solid, clear path security of freelance photography. We’re all the better for it here at the studio. More tk….

Les Doerfler says:

on September 9, 2009 at 9:11 am

Way to go Drew! Great things happening for a good guy.

Tommy Lynch says:

on September 9, 2009 at 9:15 am

Great blog Drew……very humble words and I would say you are on a special path to a rewarding career……working as hard as you do for Joe and soaking in his knowledge along with your photographic talent (I saw your site), we will be seeing your work all over the world and paying the hard earned money to attend your workshop……I met you in Dobbs Ferry last January, and was impressed with your work habits… knew exactly what you were doing, enjoying what you were doing and made all of us at the Joe’s workshop feel at home……Best wishes for a rewarding future….Tommy

Gary Polito says:

on September 9, 2009 at 10:00 am

Way to go drew, good things happen for great people. I met you at Dobbs Ferry and knew right away you were definitely big league caliber. Congrats, keep up the good work Joe needs the help, ha ha

Stephen Elliot says:

on September 9, 2009 at 10:11 am

“…security of freelance photography.” Hysterical! Thanks for sharing. Looks like Drew deserves a high five.

Tom Peterson says:

on September 9, 2009 at 10:59 am

Drew: Read the blog on Kelby’s site and saw that Moose Peterson gave it a plug this morning also. Seems to me that getting “random” referrals to check out what you have to say is a testiment to your personality and talent. Appears Joe has another winner as an assistant.

Joe says:

on September 9, 2009 at 11:31 am


Gosh, I sort of feel sorry Drew. A nice kid living with the lash of Catholic guilt.

But it ain’t nothing like my Jewish guilt. Watch out for Joe’s coded message’s Drew and “why can’t that guy read my mind”.

Nice to see business owner who likes his employee’s

Great post, as always

Ken in KY

KRae Merk says:

on September 9, 2009 at 12:54 pm

I love the photo of Drew wearing the headphones, looks like a dude. :)

Callum Winton says:

on September 9, 2009 at 1:44 pm

Who Drew ….

cameron griffin says:

on September 9, 2009 at 4:41 pm

i wish i could work with Joe. to bad I’m only 14 =)

numbeos says:

on September 10, 2009 at 2:49 am

Thanks Drew, you gave us a view of what’s it like assisting McNally…:) murat

Malinda Hartong says:

on September 11, 2009 at 1:07 pm

flying with the doors off again huh!
Hey, have you gotten a Mino HD Flip yet? I heart mine bigtime! That little sucker goes anywhere – especially with a tiny gorillapod! Great audio & video for a little pup too!

David Jr (Malaysia Asia) says:

on February 7, 2010 at 1:10 pm

Drew – you ROCK!


keith mcdonald says:

on September 20, 2012 at 7:42 pm

i saw drew do his thing today. i am quite impressed. drew is the man! period!

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